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Obesity in Texas Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Obesity in Texas - look for Paper Examplebese children are much more likely to become obese adults, suffering abundant term health risks such as Type II Diabetes, heart problems, and just about cancers (TDSHS 2009). These health dish out problems affect more than the individual, as the state also faces far-ranging economic and health care system impacts from these trends. Agencies and programs say at correcting the problems of corpulency in the state comprise a significant amount of the Department of narrate Health Services efforts and resources analysis of the relative and potential successes of these measures likewise presents a valuable area for study. received state statistics reveal that over 15% of Texas high-schoolers are categorized as threatening, while over 13% were categorized as obese (TDSHS 2010). Furthermore, more than 20% of low income children enrolled in Texas Women Infants and Children (WIC) nutrition programs are overweight or obese. Statistics also show mu ch higher rates of obesity for minority groups and those living infra the poverty line. The Texas DSHS site also offers some graphs that show overweight and obese statistics by selected grades for overall regions. dapple these graphs are only for selected age cohorts, only show data by region, and are only accessible for 2004-5, cumulatively they indicate that the rate of obese and overweight school aged children tends to increase until 8th grade, aft(prenominal) which point rates tend to decline. Rates of obese vs. overweight children in different age cohorts, however, depend to vary regionally.Tracking statistical data of this sort over time can reveal some overall trends in childhood obesity in the state. First, while Texas already has higher rates of childhood obesity than the nation in general, these rates have steadily increased over time. Figure 1, compiled from TDSHS data, shows the ever-changing percentages of overweight and obese children in Texas as compared to nati onal averages. While Texas consistently shows higher rates of obesity in

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Nursing research Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words - 68

Nursing research - Essay showcaseThe testing of Braden scale in hospitals proved that nurses can determine the possibility of persevering developing insistency sores based on the above factors. During the study period, the patients who indicated a high risk of getting the condition unquestionable pressure sores. Pressure sores occurred in 10% of VA patients and one-quarter from nursing homes. All the patients under study had no write up of pressure sores.The study had broad implications for nursing. The Braden scale has become an essential tool for assessing the risk of a patient getting pressure sores. The tool has assisted in developing alternative methods of preventing pressure sores. The methods include trim down the exposure to conditions that increase the riskiness of pressure sores.The findings of the study prove that health conditions can be prevented at the primary level. The Braden scale eased the procedure of assessing the riskiness of patients to pressure sores. I u se Braden scale distinguish to advise people on causative factors of pressure sores and how to mitigate or avoid the conditions. case implant of Nursing Research (U.S.) (2006). Changing practice, changing lives 10 landmark nursing research studies. Bethesda, MD National Institute of Nursing Research, U.S. Dept. of Health and Human Services, National Institutes of Health. Retrieved from

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Anthropology (movie) Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Anthropology (movie) - Essay Examplem, it is submitted that Marc Forsters approach clearly mirrors Eberts revaluation of the film by providing an engaging narrative with the overriding purposes to provide a socio-political commentary on the asymmetry in Afghanistan through the presentation of complex cultural norms. Moreover, the films visual delineation of Hosseinis secular narrative in the book is precisely what resonates with the audience in the superimposition of human faces and a historic context on the tragic images of war from Afghanistan (Ebert, 2009373).Eberts review of the film suggests a visual fury on presenting Afghan shade outside the presumptions of the war torn state (2009). This is supported by the scenes of the boys transitory kites as a precursor to the loss of innocence, the burden of living with guilt and the need for redemption as symbolised through Amirs character development after his betrayal of Hassan. As such, the cinematic portrayal of the relationsh ip between Hassan and Amir with other boys in the kite flying season presents a tonic perception of Afghanistan and Afghani culture prior to the Taliban, the Americans and the anarchy (Ebert, 2009373).The film clearly presents this part of Afghan culture by using special effects to visually emphasise the freedom and importance of family bonding in kite flying. Additionally, Ebert suggests that the film presents the freedom and exhilaration of kites to their owners, which is utilised by Forster to underline the cultural and class catchment area between Amir as the kite flyer and Hassan as the kite runner. To this end, Ebert suggests that perhaps that sad soundness in Hassans eyes comes from his certainty that all must fall to Earth, sooner or ulterior (Ebert 2009374).In watching the film, the vulnerability of the actor playing Hassan reinforces the precarious nature of his societal position as a Hazara in Afghanistan, which leaves him powerless in the shocking rape scene and its a ftermath.

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MBTI Analysis Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

MBTI Analysis - Research Paper ExampleFor instance, extraversion versus intraversion determines the level to which a soulfulness is predicted to be more social or withdrawn. Each of these traits have an opposite reputation trait and the specialism of each is determined by a higher score for each type on the MBTI. RESULTS OF MBTI The results of the MBTI indicated my spirit type was ESFJ, with a check expression of extraversion, a moderate score in judging, a moderate expression of feeling, and a very slight expression of sensing as part of my personality dynamics. The highest loads were extraversion with 56 and judging also with 56. These were my most significant scores of the four types. I am currently studying nursing, a job role that requires direct intervention with diverse and culturally-different patients, therefore extraversion is a desired trait in the role of nurse practitioner. Nurses are considered the primary source of learning for patients and essential serve as a n advocate based on a trusting foundation of sociableness (Morrison, 4). Extraverts are keenly interested in other people and external events, and venture forth with trustfulness into the unknown (Ewen, 1998, p.127). This suggests a higher level of sociability than an intraverted personality type, meaning that it is a predictor of a well-adjusted ability to function well in group environments. The extravert enjoys social environments and often takes a leadership role when exploring discussion in the group concept. In the role of nurse practitioner, there must be the ability to work directly with patients in effect to explore their needs and concerns. Especially when dealings with patients that are battling difficult illnesses, they rely on the competence and social knowledge of the nurse in order to find quality and dimension in effective treatment programs. An introverted individual would not be able to serve the patient needs effectively and it is likely that the quality of tr eatment would suffer in the long-term. This is why the MBTI index results reinforced that nursing is a quality profession for my unique personality type. I also maintain a moderate judging personality versus the opposite, which is feeling. Judging is the tendency to prefer a structured and orderly environment that is based on factual data, rather than in feeling where apprehension and hunches are preferred over legitimate information. It is the preferred method of managing the outer world (Lucas, 2007, p.14). This, too, is important in the role of a nurse where orderly scheduling and statistical information must be considered when develop an appropriate treatment plan. It serves the role of the nurse practitioner well to be able to use logical analyses rather than acting on instinctive information so that the quality of patient care is top-notch. When work directly with physicians, there must be structure both in trouble and in the management of data to ensure zero errors and be able to coordinate treatment-based activities effectively. This is a field that would not be served well with an instinctive philosophy as is associated with perceiving and does not afford much in terms of spontaneity. emotional state also maintained a moderate score of 44, based on the results of the MBTI. This is how a certain personality type prefers to make decisions, either based on empathy, such as with feeling or as associated with thinking methodology. Feeling is a more personal type

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Analyzing ads Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Analyzing ads - search ExampleThe management has however, created counter strategies in their advertisement techniques in hunting lodge to capture new customers and honor its old customers in the market. Fowles appeal plays a major role in production of these Ads. The Management gene in his 15 appeals to reach out to market efficiently. Jib Flowless is a scholar who suggests that advertising spread out around 15 different appeals (Fowles 8). These include need for sex, affiliation guidance, and nurture, aggressiveness, to achieve and dominate. The rest of the appeals includes the appeals for the need for prominence, attention, autonomy, draw feel safe, aesthetic, satisfy curiosity and the psychological needs. The Ads focus on flashy faces of the models with white healthy dentition posing with Colgate toothpaste. This is in order to create appeals to potential customers to be quested enough to buy the product. The former(a) focus is the flashy look of the Colgate plastic pack. This is contrary to its competitor who uses animals known to have strong odontiasis like the beaver to advertise their products. Ads analysis The Ad in picture one uses a good-looking woman smiling to help market Colgate. The lovely woman appeals to the emotion of the potential clients in order to capture their attention to look at the Colgate picture. Her brighten smile appeal for the need of affiliation to the well-favoured smile. The smile invokes a memorable picture in the mind of the customer just as the marketing department at Colgate aimed to achieve. The Colgate toothpaste appears on the part of the picture to capture the attention of the reader. The conspicuous size of the toothpaste is to date that the name of the product hits the subconscious mind of the consumer. The background in the picture is red with capacious parole in white that say Colgate fights germs. This message is to appeal to the need that ensures the customer feels safe. This emphasis is by the ex cerpt of the words and their size triggers conversation among the flock looking at the advertisement. The main reason for advertisers to choose the preceding(prenominal) appeal was to capture the attention of the potential customers (Biagi 156). The appeals reveal the audience of the Ad was p arnts and young people in the society. The appeal for the need to feel safe was targeting parents who take extra precautions to ensure that their children are safe from germs. The beautiful smile by the woman in the Ad depicts the audience of the Ad to be young people who like to look stylish and modern. In conclusion, Ad was targeting the elite group in the market. The Ad in picture 2 seeks to market a new brand of Colgate toothpaste. This is evident by the large garner in the name Colgate maxfresh. The name maxifresh appeal to need to achieve freshness in the mouth. These words are special and meant to send a message that the product offers maximum freshness in the mouth. The words utter a rush of freshness work to create an emotional appeal to relate to the product to get under ones skin the feeling of freshness. Flashy blue container of Colgate creates interest in the mind of the individuals viewing the Ad to have an interest in the product. The advertisers specifically choose these appeals to ensure that they capture the attention of a larger market pull. The large letters of the product name seek to market the toothpaste among already consumers of other toothpastes products. The Advertisers ensure that the words Britam chevron

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Strategic Management Accounting Term Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3000 words

Strategic Management Accounting - Term Paper ExampleIt does not in truth help the managers to assess what is best for the company (Bonaccorsi and Daraio, 2009). For example, the m maventary counselling of the company is able to indicate if it is set aside to take more debt by considering the present liquid status of the company. The last may not fork up any link with the short termination or long term strategic objective of the company. Thus, fiscal management is not able to see beyond the limitations of the monetary data. Strategic management on the new(prenominal) hand is equipped to see beyond and the cover the limitations of the basic financial management. The conclusion derived from the basic financial management techniques can be further modified if the same decision is taken in the light-headed of the strategic objectives of the company. For example, the financial management indicates that the recourse to further debt financing is going to increase the debt burden f the company (Chrol, 2011). If the company considers going for a strategic alliance with another company then the financial condition of the company can improve. The revenue generation capacity will improve from the synergy gained from such strategic alliance. Strategic financial management considers these kinds of variables and factors to obtain the most optimal decision. Thus, though normal financial management analysis may conclude that the company should not use debt for financing the capital needs, though strategic management may recommend the use debt financing. The research paper discusses some of the uses of strategic management accounting like use of Return on Investment (ROI) and Economic Value Added (EVA), for long term decision purposes and different types of transfer pricing techniques. Part A Critical evaluation of the statement twain Return on Investment (ROI) and Economic Value Added (EVA), when use as performance measures in an organisation, upgrade managers to b e short-term in their focus and decision making The managers have a tendency of victimization both ROI and EVA for performance evaluation for short term purposes. Although when it comes to using the two techniques for long term decision purposes the managers face difficulties in doing the same. The two types of techniques are different from each other in various prise and thus both of them need to be discussed separately to indicate the way they can be used for long term decision purposes. ROI is actually a combination of two different accounting heads, one is the asset disturbance and the other one is the return on gross revenue (Clark and Mathur, 2011). Return on the sales is indicative of the fact of (that) how efficient are managers in generating revenue for every dollar and the ability of the managers to discover the expenses and the increase in revenue generating capacity. While asset turnover indicates the ability of the company to generate proceeds for every dollar inves ted. In between the two accounting heads asset turnover and return on sales, the focus will be on asset turnover. If the managers are able to modify the asset turnover value then ROI can be used for long term decision purposes. In come in to control the asset turnover value the managers need to re-evaluate the policies regarding the capitalization and depreciation. Both aspects like investments and income are touched by the choice of the asset life and the type of depreciation method

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Operations Decision Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Operations last - Essay Example2. Environmental factors The domestic market for robotics spreads across five major and distinct industries. The self-propelled industry is the largest consumer of robotics products mainly used in painting and welding operations. The other industries include foundry and severe manufacturing, aerospace and defense, electronic conference and consumer products among others. While the automotive industry has shown the most impressive growth in robotics applications to date, it is the electronics assembly market that impart be the growth sector of the future (Vassilis, 2008). This is the market which Gen has instructioned on. Gen has determined that purchasing decisions are currently based in descending set up on the following factors Product dependableness Ease of operation Performance specifications Price I am convinced that the noted purchase factors will ultimately determine which suppliers enjoy the most success within the market. 3. We current ly use 100 workers to reveal 6,000 units of output per month (working 20 days / month). The daily wage (per worker) is $70, and the price of the firms output is $32. While Gen focus feels that pricing will be the least important variable in a purchase decision, the familiarity will price its products at the middle of the market approximately $40,000 per unit. Potential mid-range price hesitancy on the part of customers will be met head on with specification sheets comparing Gen product performance with competitors and on-the-spot(prenominal) product demonstrations. Gens innovative designs result in greater flexibility with potentially lower manufacturing cost than competitors products. This will allow the company to regain standard margins above the industry average in elicit of our cost exceeding the total r eventideue (Maria, 2000). I will avail multiple unit order discounts of up to 13% to quantity buyers (units purchased within a sixty-day period will qualify for quantity discounts cut down by 25%). It will be company policy to require a 15% bills deposit on all orders, with the balance due within 45 days of installation. With this in mind, even though the cost of other variable inputs is $2,000 per day, as the new managing consultant, this proposal if and when fully implemented, will be able to deal with the firms fixed cost is which currently is high enough so that the firms total be does not exceed its total revenue. The failure which brought the marginal cost of the last unit to be $30 will be a thing of the past (Nick, 2005). 4. Sales Plan Gen will use only when in-house sales personnel with impeccable credentials and extensive product training. The needs of the customer will be the main emphasis on a continuous basis. During the first twelve months, I will focus on establishing contacts with target customers. All sales in the first year will be make by home office based personnel. Sales personnel will be compensated with a relatively standa rd base salary and a bonus payable quarterly based on collected payments on sales made in the preceding three months. Bonus schedules will unhorse at 2% of ex-factory sales price (excluding freight) and will step to a maximum of 7% with no upward dollar limit. Sales personnel

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Strategic Management In International Business Essay

Strategic Management In International Business - Essay Example label and Spencer (M&S) is a leading UK-based company specialized in clothing, homeware, food, furniture, beauty, financial service and, energy products (M&S bag Page 2009).The country selected for penetration is the Slovak Republic. The choice was not accidental with the development of European Union unsanded markets represent unlimited opportunities for M&S to expend their activities. Slovak Republic is one of the potential geographical regions for M&S to expand its activities and gain larger market share. This location was selected because the Slogan Republic is an attr officious tourer destination for many European tourists, so it would help M&S to attract wider target audiences in summer and in winter (Dobson and Starkey 43). There are many challenges associated with opening a business in the Slovak Republic. The analysis of the whole issue shows that retail businesses are more likely to develop new markets. tall y to the recent research, foreign companies are likely to build a business around new acclivitous technology. The general situation can be regarded as rather positive.An increasing role of unions forces M&S to spend much cost on trade union movement resources increasing wages and social provisions. High labor cost can result in decreasing revenues and profitability of the industry. On the other hand, new technologies and automation allow retailers to decrease prices and improve service quality. The Slovak Republic can be seen as an outpost for only expansion in this region. The country is known for importing a wide range of products. The company potently recommends many states will have to cope with mandatory standards and private sector voluntary standards. The Slovak Republic is an active participant of the EU-led operation, so it will be easy for M&S to conduct its financial operations and meet trade regulations.

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Senior Project - Team Video Analysis Report Essay - 1

Senior Project - team Video Analysis Report - Essay ExampleWithout shit goals or a financial projection, the ideas atomic number 18 being tossed at the team who is left feeling vulnerable and without direction.6. Team members do not pick out how to organize and create strategy. It is clear that the basic tools of strategic management atomic number 18 outside of the knowledge of to the highest degree of the team. This means that a part of the team is not working up to their potential, decreasing the efficiency with which goals are met.The head of the company is unaware of the steps that were taken to create the success that she has achieved. The problem with this lack of reason is that she is unable to create a future without having a clear picture of the past tense. Understanding the importance of the past is the first step in creating a strategic methodology for continuing into the future. Charting how the company was built, all the milestones and the ship canal in which they were achieved would allow for Elizabeth to create a clearer picture of how her company evolved. Recognizing how she was prepared for opportunities and how she utilized those opportunities would give her a pause grasp of her current success. In addition, she needs to look for lost opportunities and how she can be better prepared from them in the future. Once this understanding has been developed, she can move forward to create the business programme that she needs to continue her success.In order to address the problem of a business object, Elizabeth needs to leave what her company stands for in regard to its mission and goals. This development of a business plan leave behind digest a framework for expansion as new markets are examined for potential benefit. Through a clear statement of who the business and how it operates, she can better establish a strategic plan towards the future.The business plan needs to be built upon the establishment of a mission statement. A mission s tatement will help to define the business so that it can stay

Human Resource Management, Employers and the Management of Labour Essay

Human pick Management, Employers and the Management of Labour - Essay ExampleThe business environment and the way of working of the industry declare been undergoing many alterations since the past few decades. Previously managers were only liable for keeping discipline in an organisation. They notwithstanding did not take a noteworthy role to play in the process of selection and recruiting. entirely the scenario has been altering and the role of managers has been observed to totally metamorphose. The fundamental reasons behind this metamorphosis were the increasing consciousness betwixt the workers and the abolition of trade unions to a large extent. The other reason was that the guidances were no more inflexible and became increasingly agreeable to causes and also adjustable to the progresses in the technological sector (Dalton, 1950).But in the current era, the organisations have realised the magnitude of their humans resources as it is with the help of these resources that increased productivity is attained by an organisation. An significant feature which needs to be mentioned is that the supervisors in an organisation are referred to as the management and the employees coming in the category of nonsupervisory level are referred to as the labourers in this paper. Labours require working in teams in organisations and therefrom it is an obvious fact that there would cause differences between themselves. In such circumstances the interference of management is considered quite necessary so as to resolve the issues and maintaining a good working environment (Dalton, 1950). The innovation of this paper would be to assess the labour troubles and the rights of the managers along with the differences in the traditional and contemporary practices. Labour difficulty and the Need to Resolve It Disputes among the human resources and the management are a known phenomenon. Disputes among the employees could take place cod to various reasons and it is in this context that the managers need to take control of the situation. The managers are the one who are organism entrusted with the responsibility of solving the disputes. In this context it is important to understand the reasons of dispute among the employees or the human resources setoff and then the role and need of the managers. The reason for disputes among the labourers and the management in the industries has been catego devised into four key divisions which relates to the economic, managerial, semipolitical and other causes (Dalton, 1950). It has been learnt that majority of the industrial differences among the labourers and the management has been owing to economic reasons. The prime economic reason has been the problem of low wage. The wage structure in the industries is generally low and so, it gives rise to some grave complexities for the human resources in terms of meeting up to their basic requirements. The human resources postulate the pay or the payoff to be proportion ate to the quantity of work done by them. Such wants takes the form of industrial differences and problems. The want for higher pays has been observed to be the most central reason for problems between the labourers and the management (Michael, 1988). The want for exceptional pays in the form of bonus has been credited to be the other reason for differences arising out of want for pays. The augmenting woo of survival has been the reason for the labourers to claim and put forward their want for extra remuneration as costliness allowances. The increasing prices has been turning out to be triggering the want for dearness allowances and the un-acceptance of such wants by the labourers give rise to these industrial differences. The workforce of an organisation is considered to be an integral division of the production. The

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Is Iran a Threat to the US Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Is Iran a Threat to the US - interrogation Paper ExampleSecondly, US has its military bases around Iran. It will not be easy for Iran to arise an attack. Thirdly, if an armed war begins, Iran will receive lesser support and aids compared to the US. Fourthly, Iran is inferior to the US in terms of technology, war strategy, organization and resources. Lastly, no nuclear weapon produced is in Iran. Hence, US must not worry about any menace of nuclear weapons.The US has been experiencing a state of uncertainty and business enterprise due to the economic meltdown. One can trace several reasons behind it like mismanagement in industries, constrictions in credit marketing, an extravagance of public officials, inadequate high-risk loan policies. The result is that it is striving grave to maintain a balance between market response, materialistic outlooks of Americans, meeting the energy requirements and financial constancy to USs economy. As because the US consumes 20% oil produced annua lly and a major begin of it comes from Iran and its surrounding Arab countries. Therefore an armed war will deepen its economic crisis and lead the US to a more paltry condition.iiRelations with Iran have currently determined the political scenario in the US. This was most evident during the presidential electoral polls. Its diplomatic relations with Iran and Iraq was so vital that the competing candidates even declared their ways of use the Iran situation at the Republican Presidential debate. However, veterans like Ron Paul from the US House of the Representatives and Herman Cain, chairman of FRB were against US military invasion. Global politics depends much on the US. Thus, USs policy with Iran would determine the statistical distribution of power. iiiUntil now, US is playing diplomatically by exchanging hard-line statements with Iran and advising its allies to maintain a devout relationship with important oil- supporters like Iran.If in arms- war, Iran and its allies, chief ly the Gulf countries will withdraw exports to the US, chiefly oil.

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Analyse Zara Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3500 words

Analyse Zara - Case field of operations ExampleOther firms also choose to outsource with the objective of enabling the firm reduce its be by means of specialization and creating talent in the labor and resources of the firm (Porter 1996). Other firms also in the efforts to adjudge the same try to gain control over the whole firms through as many departments as possible. This they are likely to achieve by the analysis of its value chain. Such firms are said to fill gained such controls over the total production process by initiating in-house production hence and achievement of shorter tug times in production and supplies. Zara is one of the fastest growing cloth retailers and it holds a number of shares in the giant Spanish Inditex Group (Folpe 2000). This part of the group in the clothing industry in Spain has substantial a unique business model which has enabled it to qualify as one of the vertically integrated retailers. This it has achieved through the identification of i ts lines of competition over the rest of the retailers. It shapes such warlike edges into strategic issues an act which has enabled the industry to obtain control of every step of the value chain while only outsourcing only cloths with a womb-to-tomb shelf/ dash lifetime (Birger and Stires 2006). The competitiveness and an organizations focus on strategic issues in the modern business milieu has become of age in strategic management of such organizations. A renowned author in this field is Porter through his five forces of competition where he introduced the ideas of competitive dodge, competitive forces and competitive advantage. This model is based on the fact that an organizations internal environment that is the resources, capabilities, value addition to the value chain are the components of the organization that are most of the time apply to account for its core competencies (Birger and Stires 2006). According to Porters model cost and differentiation are the sign two comp etitive forces that result into competitive advantage to any given organization. Low cost strategy is derived from the vast cost leadership strategy that is coupled with efficiency and stringent controls to costs (Folpe 2000). For example the senior high profitability and growth that is witnessed in the Zara industry over time is as a result of dismay costs of advertising while adopting a flat organizational structure with superior organization systems and thoroughly laid down logistics coupled with efficient use of capital. All these are directed towards provision of efficiency (Porter 1996). The company also adopts differentiation as a competitive forces and strategy to make a digression in its operations. As a source of advantage differentiation ensures that unique brands of the products are offered as surface as technology, customer service and products all these aimed at making the firm gain a large share of the market. Zara industry as one of the famous and fast growing firms in Spain is based on its strengths and speed in designing and merchandising the products in stores. As compared to other firms in the turbulent fashion industry, Zara products are able to reach the stores in a record time of only 5 weeks as opposed to nine months of other firms in the industry (Folpe 2000). This fast response to the market is achievable collectable to the differentiation strategy in the

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Ip3 training and development Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Ip3 schooling and development - facial expression Paper ExampleHere we can see the four level of evaluation which is reaction, acquire, doings and results allow us look at it one by one.Reaction At this level, the trainees reaction to the training given is analysed. Reaction is important as it gives an insight on how the training was received by the audience. For example, the trainees look content and asking questions means they are receiving information in a better way. As per (GSA, 2014) Although instrumentalist reactions to training are clearly not the sole indicator of its effectiveness, it is possible that their reactions represent one unsettled that is part of the larger homological network of variables that influence training effectiveness.Learning Here the assess of knowledge gained by the trainee is assessed. How much their knowledge increased can be done with the help of learning objective prepared in advance. For example it can be assessed with the help of quest ionnaire and role play. As per (Solar, 2013) The ordinal level of evaluation answers the question are they applying what they learned.Behaviour - Here the change in the behaviour of the trainee due to the training is looked in to. For example, the job of the employees can be observed after the training school term as a follow up measure.Government of South Australia (2014). Good for your business. In http//www.skills.sa.gov.au. Retrieved June 26, 2014, from

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History assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

History - Assignment useThe increase in the amount of coffee taken to the factories marked the economic resurgence of the United States. In the last years of the 18th century, there was an increase in the amount of cotton production. This was because of the acquisition of slaves from Africa and different economically poor countries in the world. The main cerebrate as to why the United States carrying out their nose count is so that they can understand and have the ability to plan their future without the fear of having misconceptions on the issue.The agree that assisted the country to deal with its debt problem was that it had immense national traffic with other countries. The fact that its relations with other countries made sure that it received the necessary advice that it required on how to resolve its issues. It learned how to apply its resources fully while using minimal of them and taking the least amount of time and money.Fallen timbers argon stores packed with enterta inment material located in the United States in the state of Ohio. The second variety that terrified many of the United States citizens was the concept of recession. Recession was a factor that faced the United States at the beginning of the 19h century. The country faced a hard economic time during that period and it characterized by hiked prices of grassroots commodities. The hike in prices instilled a lot of fear in the citizens of the United States.Thomas Pickney became the vice hot seat of the United States of America due to his increased popularity. He also had very strong economic points that gave him a competitive advantage. There was the increased popularity basing from his knowledge in the field of economics. With this background, people had strong backing for him and that was the reason he took the vice presidents position in the country.The XYZ affair refers to the diplomatic actions that took place between the United States and France. The episode involved the two na tions making

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Problem Question Aviator Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words

Problem Question Aviator - Essay Example(An Airprox is a situation in which, in the opinion of a pilot or a controller, the distance between aircraft as hygienic as their relative positions and speed gravel been such that the safety of the aircraft involved was or may have been compromised.( UK Airprox Board available at http//www.airproxboard.org.uk/). The private pilot twat should first of all be assured about the above disastrous effects that could have been caused by his actions of omission and commission which can be classed as those ranging from negligence, and breach of duty to downright vandalism. The potential liabilities due to various infringements have been examined and are as listed below-i) The following provisions qualify in sort out A of Schedule 14 to oblige 148 , contravention of anyone of which can, as per Article 148(5), carry a sum-up conviction to a o.k. non exceeding Level 4 on the standard scale.ii) The following provisions specified in Part B of Sch edule 14 to Article 148 , contravention of anyone of which can, as per Article 148(6), carry a summary conviction to a beautiful not exceeding the statutory maximum and on conviction on indictment to a fine or imprisonment for a term not exceeding ii years or both.iii) The following provision specified in Part C of Schedule 14 to Article 148 , contravention of of which can, as per Article 148(7), carry a summary conviction to a fine not exceeding the statutory maximum and on conviction on indictment to a fine or imprisonment for a term not exceeding five years or both.i) Jack is liable for disciplinary action, including revoking/suspension of his personnel license from the CAA for prima facie infringement of the following condition specified in paragraph 1.175 of JARFCL 1. Circumstances in which an IR(A) is required (a) The holder of a

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Interpreter of Maladies Essay Example for Free

Interpreter of Maladies EssayThrough turn out support, people are faced with umteen obstacles, but one of the main things for people to do is adapt to the obstacles and learn how to move through and almost them. Individuals have to change in order to adapt to the life around them, but there are times when it is to a fault unenviable for some to change. Some may experience immense trauma and bring forth it difficult to move on from things whilst others find it hard to come to terms with tender life. No issue what people are forced to do things that they may not want to do, but they have to charter whether to adapt to these changes, or suffer the consequences.Being able to adapt in life is an important aptitude as people are faced with having to change daily. However, some individuals do not have the skills involve to adapt, or they have been through traumatic experiences that inhibit that ability to adapt. Shoba and Shukumar in the yarn A acting(prenominal) Matter ar e faced with a horrific ordeal which forces them to adapt to new life, this however, does not wreak out the way they had planned and they eventually split up from not being able to richly adapt and accept the changes theyd been through enough and Shoba needed some time alone, their descent eventually dissolves.A similar thing happened to Mrs Sen in Mrs Sens. She was forced to adapt to a new hoidenish and learn their way of life, this although, proves to be too difficult for Mrs Sen as she was unable to successfully learn how to dig I hate it. I hate driving. I wont go on. Mrs Sen just break offs up frustrated and defeated. Her main challenge was her inability to adapt to a new culture as she was support in her past, constantly trying to mix the two cultures together.This turns out unsuccessful as well as she finds people in her new home, treat her as if she was strange, an old woman on the bus unbroken watching them the people around Mrs Sen felt uncomfortable at times whi ch made it even more difficult for Mrs Sen to adapt and change to the new community and life around her. Mrs Sen chooses to retreat into her past, something that she is comfortable and beaten(prenominal) with, she pulled the blade out of the cupboard, spread newspapers across the carpet, and inspected her treasures. The fish to her is safe and brings her back to better times in her life, when she was happy.In some ways, people are better at some things than others, adaptability is one. In This Blessed augury Sanjeev had to adapt to the situation he was faced with either taking away the religious icons and upsetting his wife, or putting up with them, just so he could please her. Although Sanjeev was able to accept Twinkles fascination with the icons in the end and let her indulge herself with carry throughing them around the ho design for the rest of their days together she would keep it on the mantel, he had a hard time coming to terms with it.People scarper to struggle with n ew challenges, but some are able to overcome that struggle, such as Sanjeev. This thinking is also borne out by The Third and Final Continent as the narrator in the story struggles with the changes in his life when he first moves, but he eventually learns a routine and adapts choosing to use the same pattern over and over again as it becomes safe and familiar, he ate cornflakes and milk, good morning and night which was easy for him.When moving into Mrs Crofts house, he had to adapt again, learning her environment and how things worked in her house, deposit the chain and firmly press that button on the knob This is the first thing you give do when you enter. He not only had to adapt to his external environment but his internal environment as well. Mrs Croft would always expect the same from him whenever they spoke, always waiting for him to respond with Splendid after her remarks.An ongoing grapheme for the narrator in The Third and Final Continent is that he had to adapt to many things, including an arranged marriage. He had to adapt to a new person coming into his life and living with him for the rest of his life. This was substantiated to be difficult at first, but soon grew on him for the first time, we looked at each other and smiled, he welcomed her beau monde in the end and truly loved her. If he was unable to adapt, this would not be the case. In a similar way, Miranda had many obstacles to adapt to as well.She was challenged when starting a relationship with Dev, as she had never had a physical relationship with a married man before. She struggles with this for a little while when his wife comes back, as it seems wrong when then wife is home, but she learns to adapt to not being able to go out with Dev and only being able to stay inside with him from fear of his wife seeing them. But, in the end Miranda had to adapt to a life without Dev. We are left with the thought that she is ble to move on and change into a better person as she walked past the restaurants where Dev had kissed her, and gazed at the clear-blue sky, proving to us the she has moved on from a life with Dev. In most peoples realities, they are able to pick themselves up and adapt to new changes, but there are also those rare people who struggle to do just that and it is too difficult to try and change. These people are forced to deal with other challenges in their life that they will eventually learn to overcome. In Lahiris stories, she shows us that in order to succeed individuals need to be adaptable.

Uses of Recycled Water in Horticulture Essay Example for Free

Uses of Recycled Water in Horticulture try outThere are numerous reasons of recycling, including cost saving, extended landfill span, resource conservation, energy conservation, economic development, pollution saloon and reduction in greenho exercise gas emissions. In recent years environmental bene conform tos of recycling confine become a major component of waste management programme. What is recycled piss? Water recycling is a generic term for pissing reclamation and reuse, where the resulting water is referred to as recycled water. This term will be use throughout this document, but you might also find a number of other terms utilise in the water industry. These complicate Water reclamation Water recycling Water reuse wastewater Sewage wastewater Reclaimed water Grey water Water recycling toilet allow Recycling of wastewater from previous uses. This gener every last(predicate)y means the reclamation of water from domestic sewerage effluent or municipal wa stewater. These waters may be recycled from bathroom and laundry effluents (grey water), from the entire domestic sewage stream (black water) or from municipal wastewater Recycling of water from agricultural and industry wastewater.Recycled water can be either or both of the above waters. Stormwater, greywater, rainwater and treated effluent are all alternative water supplies that, when treated as required, are suitable for a range of purposes. This can include irrigating grazing land and crops, in horticulture, industrial processing, in residential dual pipe schemes, and to keep our national and recreational spaces green. On this website, recycled water generally refers to fully treated effluent from sewage treatment represents. Recycled water is a valuable resource.It contributes to conservation of drinking quality water, improves the reliability of our water supplies, frees up water for the environment or growth, and reduces the amount of treated effluent discharged into our b ays and oceans. What can recycled water be used for? Recycled water can be used for just about anything, as long as it is treated to a level to make it fit for the intended purpose, from a health and environmental perspective (Figure 3) . However, the cost of treatment may make reclamation uneconomical for some uses.Australia now has more than 580 different recycled water schemes operating, which use approximately 167 GL/year. The bulk of these schemes involve Urban and municipal environments Households, golf courses and recreational parks. Industry Washing and engine cooling system in power stations and mills. Agriculture Horticulture, woodlandry, pasture, flowers, viticulture and sugar cane. Other possible uses include assoil fighting Groundwater recharge Municipal landscapes Dual pipe urban uses Environmental flows and wetlandsIt is now also possible for advanced treatment technology to produce safe drinking ( swallow) water. In several countries wastewater is recyc led for potable reuse via groundwater injection (e. g. Factory 21, Orange County, California, USA) or where it is added directly to surface reservoirs (e. g. NeWater, Singapore). Such planned substantiating or direct potable reuse is not currently practiced in Australia, although it is being considered by some councils with severe water shortages. Recycled water is already being used in a entire range of applications, including the irrigation of agriculture, parklands and golf courses.What is horticulture? Horticulture is the art, industry and science of plant cultivation. Horticulturists lead and conduct research in the disciplines of plant propagation and cultivation, crop production, plant breeding and genetic engineering, plant biochemistry, and plant physiology. The work particularly involves fruits, berries, nuts, vegetables, flowers, trees, shrubs, and turf. Horticulturists work to improve crop yield, quality, nutritional value, and resistance to insects, diseases, and env ironmental stresses. EtymologyThe word horticulture is a 17th century face adaptation of the Latin hortus (garden) + cultura (culture)), it is the culture or growing of garden plants. Horticulture as classically defined is the division of agriculture dealing in gardening in contrast to agronomy which deals with field crops and the production of grains and forage, and forestry which deals with forest trees and products related to them. How is recycled water defined? Recycled water is defined as water that has been treated to a fit for purpose standard for a specific application.

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Theme of loveliness Essay Example for Free

Theme of love enclosuress EssayJohn Keats is one of the prominent Romantic poets. His feel encapsulates a lot of pain and suffering due to the loss of his family members and as well his unrequited love for groundwork Browne. Anything in its authentic and original form can be regarded as hit. Similarly, for Keats beauty is synonymous with Truth. It is in this pursuit of beauty that he completely forgets his pains and sufferings and also the world around him. Thus, he transcends into an complex quantity world. Keats saw beauty in truth and truth in beauty.He never escaped the realities of tone in pursuit of the beautiful visions of his imagination. Infact his imaginary visions are based on reality. n these lines the poet takes the Huge indistinct symbols as a threat to his clear love, which is connoted by the phrase, nights starrd face. A clear reference to the poets beloved is witnessed as the poet asserts fair creature of an hour. Here he is focusing on the fact that life is fleeting and the physiological beauty and loveliness of his beloved would not last forever, neither would his love.This shows that he is a staunch believer of the inner beauty because it is immortal and it does not need camouflage as opposed to physical beauty. An Ode is turn to directly to Fanny Brawne namely To Fanny . Keats was head over heels in love with Fanny and was also engaged to her. In this ode, the poet is filled with passion for her but he is a victim of his beloveds neglection . Keats asks Fanny if she is unfeignedly true to him. This question to the beloved substantiates Keats inclination towards the idea of beauty in truth.He also attributes her beauty by using the metaphor of snowy side which signifies the purity of Fannys heart. However, in the very next line he negates himself as he thinks that Fanny is also like other women who are similar to a feather in an ocean that is tossed by wind to any direction. The analogies that the poet draws for Fanny are dra wn from constitution that incorporates a romantic element which is an inevitable part of his poetry.

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Sonnet 93 by E. Barrett Browning Essay Example for Free

Sonnet 93 by E. Barrett toasting auditionThroughout the first eight lines of the sonnet the language is simple and personal. There is little elaboration and imaginativeness which shows her true make do and shows that the sonnet wasnt write to impress the public. This differs from the other two sonnets as they were conventionally written to amuse the reader and in order to do this they included complex language and imagery. The line commencement the final section of the sonnet shows that she dos Robert Browning with the depth, trust and emotion a child feels for their parents I do it thee with the passion put to useIn my old griefs, and with my childhoods faith. Following this the next line supports a touristy belief of the Victorians which was when you are born you are born pure and innocent. As you grow up you knit sin and impurity, and become further away from theology. E. Barrett Browning says that Robert has taken away her sin and bought her closer to God once more just like when she was a young child I love thee with a love I seemed to lose With my lost saints, She also expresses that she loves her husband with every emotion she goes through in her life -I love thee with the breath,Smiles, tears, of all my life The last line in the sonnets suggests her love is perennial and she impart love Robert even in the laterlife -and, if God choose, I shall but love thee better after death. E. Barrett Browning doesnt use a Volta in her sonnet as she wants to show her love is continuous and eternal which is a contrast from the other two poems. All three sonnets appear to be about love but all show different meanings. Shakespeares sonnet seems to be about a true physiological attraction to a lady and how her beauty is eternal when in fact he is really verbalise the beauty of his words are eternal.On the other hand Draytons sonnet appears to be about a dying woman when in fact its about a fading love desperate for love to be breathed into it. Final ly E. Barrett Brownings sonnet is totally sincere and includes no reversal of meaning. The sonnets also render different forms and language. Shakespeare and Drayton both write a Shakespearian sonnet with complicated and elaborate language whereas E. Barrett Browning uses a Petrarchan form with simple language. Another resemblance is that E.Barrett Browning and Shakespeare consider love relates to time. The most clear contrast is that Drayton and Shakespeare both use a Volta whereas E. Barrett Browning doesnt. Although I like the clever, witty changes of meaning in the sonnets by Shakespeare and Drayton my favored sonnet would have to be Sonnet 93 by E. Barrett Browning. I liked it because of the sincerity of her love to her husband. I think when reading and understanding the sonnet the reader is emotionally fey by the strong feelings such simple words can put across.

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Pre-1914 prose study Essay Example for Free

Pre-1914 prose study EssayIt reminds the proofreader that it is a gothic story. The last story called, The Superstitious Mans Story isnt what is described to be typically gothic, however, and it does include gothic elements. This story isnt typically gothic because it doesnt definitely have mop ups or doppelgangers the story just persuades the reader to acquit that those things are the solution to the story. This is clear because in the story when the villagers say that they had seen the man, they could have been mistaken. Thomas Hardy totally uses one technique in the story which is a simile. The simile is, sleeping as sound as a rock.He uses this simile to show that at that place was no sign as movement so there is no real proof he was there. In The Red Room, H. G Wells uses the techniques repeat to convince the reader that there is something significant of that room. He uses personification, for example when he describes the shadow to be pestering the characters action so that the reader can imagine that in the room it feels like youre being followed. He uses an legal setting in the red room with dark, daunting colours. Finally he uses metaphors and similes to help the reader picture the room as he describes it.In Confession Found in a Prison, Charles daemon uses similes and metaphors to emphasise the mans feelings, he used personification to describe his feelings of guilt and regret when he says that the wind that passes whispers murder to him. He also uses an effective setting when he describes the dungeon that the character is present in when he was writing the story. In Thomas Hardys A Superstitious Mans Story, Hardy uses just a simile to demo to the reader that there is a possibility that the man might not have been there because there was no sign that the man was there.In my opinion, I found The red Room the most effective story because the techniques used such as the similes and metaphors really helped me imagine the picture and the sce ne the story was describing. as well as it used many other techniques like the setting described and personification that made me feel misgiving and exhilaration whilst reading the story. It also had the best storyline because it had a secret history of murders and deaths that were not capable they were just hinted when the old people were warning him of the red room and its effects it has on people.It also has twain slopes to the story it has a supernatural side because of the history and noises and shadows that couldnt be explained. The second side is the realistic side when he gets out of the castle and he realises that it wasnt ghosts or spirits in the room that were making him disquieting but it was just his mind playing tricks on him.

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Distance Education Essay Example for Free

Distance Education EssayWe usu each(prenominal)y take our studies in a structured establishment called classroom located a place called school. every day, we wake up early, leave our homes, collapse for transportation fees and finally reach to our second home, the classroom. As we delicious ourselves in Mindanao State University, we ar lucky to meet different kinds of commonwealth from different kinds of places. People from Glan, Tacurong, Marbel and all over Mindanao argon your schoolmates and classmates. You share experiences with them, telling stories about their place that makes you as if you were once there. But, what if there are some people who want to study but for some reasons, they cannot go to school, pull up stakes they be fit to study despite their situations they face? Our world is constantly changing and getting more complicated, that is why humane beings formulated new innovations and techniques regarding their educational careers. Distance Learning or Di stant education is a agency of delivering education and instruction, often on an individual basis, to students who are not physically present in a traditional setting such as a classroom. It is not a face to face interaction just like we do in schools. in that respect is a quite large maintain and period between the learner and the instructor. Typical students who enroll at Distant Education courses are people who are too busy in their careers that they have no eon to spend in school. Celebrities like Anne Curtis are a student of Distant Education. Or you can be a student with physical disabilities that you reign it hard to go to school. Or maybe the courses offered are available exclusively in far places. There are legion(predicate) possible students of this kind of education. There are many modes of communication in unlike learning.It can through the telephone, letter or the most common character reference, the internet where you can see each other and contact directly to one another. There are many instructional materials can be used. It can be an audio tool, video, a print, or a softcopy data. There are some advantages of this type of education. First, its potential. The opportunities for distance education have exploded along with increased use of the Internet. The original distance education programs used print materials, but the majority of current programs use online software and programs to replicate a classroom setting.Many degrees are available through distance programs, including high school, college and post-graduate diplomas. There are in a flash distance education options for nearly every career choice, from nursing to accounting. It is also flexible. Distance education provides opportunities for people who may have trouble attending a traditional institution such as stay-at-home moms, people working full time or members of the military. Many online educational programs allow you to work at your own pace, so you can fit your educati on into your schedule. Also, the cost of distant education is cheaper.In many cases distance education can be considerably cheaper than attending a traditional college. Not just now are the classes cheaper, but you can learn from the comfort of your own home and not have to pay for room and board or transportation. On the other hand, Distant Learning losses interaction with the other students is one of the advantages of it. Distant education is commonly one student in one teacher so only 2 of you are interacting with one another, or sometimes, communication is only one way where only the teacher is active in communicating.It is not easy to motivate if you are the only one or the only peer in the learning ground. It is also self-paced so it is less motivating. It is quite amazing that humans are able to deliberate this mode of learning. It sounded like cool to me in a sense that it involves or lets say it is dependent of technology which is an asset when it comes to employment. It gives us an idea that education is sincerely yours for all for those who are willing to learn busy schedule or disabled, still allot their time and effort for studying. In part of the teachers, it will open new ways of learning and of course, employment and income will increase.This education will be in- demand especially to foreigners who want to speak in English and many more. When my professor once introduced distant education in the class, I was quite convinced to study in that way. If I learn the mechanics of Distant learning, I someday may become a teacher of distant education. I want to help students who are especially handicapped or something. It is a validation that education will be non-discriminating, and I hope this type of learning will continue to turn as they produce competent students.

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Organizational Structure and Culture Essay Example for Free

Organizational Structure and Culture EssayAuthority organize at heart organizations is important for the oversight of delegated processes and expected outcomes. Without coordinate, snake pit would impede support, communications, and vision development. Organizational designs vary according to the posit of the organization to operate efficiently, to achieve goals, and to support the associates within the organization. The organizational structure style design helps running the organization in successful endeavors (Sullivan Decker, 2009).Organizational History The history of an organization contributes to the design of the formal organizational structure.The medical checkup revolve about has a tumultuous history. A b be-assed modern building was constructed in 2000 to replace an older structure. The local physicians had no input into the decision or design of the new facility. The organizational structure during that m was a strict parallel design. The physicians rep orted to the question medical officer and the Board of Trustees. The physicians collectively decided not to support the new local hospital the organization began to collapse. The medical marrow squash ultimately fell into bankruptcy because of the lack of physician support, poor financial prudence, and unscrupulous use of organizational monies.The court of justice system retained a reconstruction organization in an attempt to rebuild the local hospital. During the succession of bankruptcy the parallel organizational structure remained in place, but with less authority of the medical validation branch. The main focus of the organizational structure was financial survival of the organization. An immediate change was needed for the profit of the dangerously low morale of the health cargon associates The once country owned, bankrupted not-for-profit-hospital was bought and sold twice sooner stabilization began to be a possibility.A corporation purchased the hospital and change d it to a for-profit organization. at that place was very little resistance to the change because the organization had been surviving in chaos. According to Kurt Lewins three stage possibility of change, the first phase, the unfreezing phase, is an important phase of change. Change is getting ready to happen during this phase. The health help associates of the medical center had been getting ready for change for a few years. The unfreezing phase requires the development of motivation.Motivation was the jeopardy to prosper in a successful trading venture while delivering shade burster to the society (Kurt Lewin, 2012). Generational Culture The extensional culture of the organization had a positive effect on the change. There was a common goal developed, the success of the organization. The generational similarities outnumber the generational differences. According Anick (2008), The top reasonableness for happiness in the workplace is the sense of feeling valued (Table 2. El ements on which members of each generation are well-nighly similar).The traditional, baby boomers, generation X, and generation Y became involved in the decision making as the new organization structure formed. They shared ideas and offered suggestions for patient role care improvement. Informal leaders began to emerge. During the refreezing phase, the stabilization became the norm. The differences in the generational culture became much apparent. More processes, greater accountability, and new infallible use of technology caused a feeling of less worth for the older generation of health care providers. The younger keeps seemed to adapt more quickly to new systems and techniques.Older nurses began to believe they were less important to the process. The informal leader roles changed. A new entropy system was installed and education was initiated. This led to more attention on the differences of the generational cultures. Much of the required education was completed on the comput er. E-mail is essential for communication within the organization. Some of the traditional generation began to feel left behind. At the end of the first year, many of the health care providers who had survived the previous chaos succumbed to the new advancements and left the organization.Current Organizational Design The current organizational structure of the medical center is a matrix design. The upper administration consists of a chief nursing officer, chief financial officer, and an admirer administrator. This group reports directly to the chief executive officer. The chief executive officer reports to the Board of Trustees. The medical center consists of two distinct campuses, four on-site clinics, and one clinic located off campus. The upper administration is prudent for the organization.The matrix esign is complex and requires good interpersonal skills for dual managers. Each nursing unit has a nurse manager. The nurse managers report to the chief nursing officer regarding any patient care issues. The nurse managers of the behavioural health campus also report to the behavioral health program director for organizational issues. The physicians are nether the organizational umbrella for operational regulations but report to the chief medical officer regarding medical patient care. The resource manager has a dual reporting line to the chief nursing officer and the chief financial officer.The matrix requires frequent communication between the dual authorities. Non- worry views the frequent meetings as meetings about meetings (Sullivan Decker, 2009) full-dress lines of reporting are evident within the organization. The nurse managers report to the chief nursing officer. Managers of departments involving financial business of the hospital report to the chief financial officer. Ancillary and support services report to the assistant administrator. The meekness officer, the pharmacy director and the behavioral health program director report directly to the chief executive officer.The formal lines of reporting are used for recognition of associates, disciplinary offenses, and arbitration of challenges between departments. Patient-Centered Care environs The organization is creating an environment for client-centered care by the development of a nursing leadership council consisting of direct care providers. The council membership includes seven registered nurses from nursing units with day and night shift representation. The nursing council interviews associates and patients, observes processes, and reports findings to the council.Changes in nursing processes are approved through the nursing council with final approval by the chief nursing officer. The council members were selected using predetermine criteria. The informal leaders of individual departments were chosen for their job performances and their proven leadership skills. The shared governance gives self-will of patient care to the frontline caregivers (Hess, 2004). Organiza tional Communication Various communication methods are used within the organization. Formal, time sensitive communications are delivered face-to-face or by technology.E-mail and web conferencing are the most frequent used methods for upper administration. Both methods allow quick responses between the communicators. Upper-level management processes the information and decides the best delivery method to the next lower-level management, depending on the subject matter and the expected time frames. pump management associates attend leadership meetings every two weeks. Management communicates organizational status through these meetings. Plans for future day projects are discussed during the leadership meetings. Middle management has e-mail accounts and receives electronic communications on changes.Middle management holds departmental meetings at least monthly to distribute information to the direct care providers. Upper-level management holds blossom out meetings for the direct car e providers each quarter. The meetings focus on current organizational trends and plans. Direct care providers ask questions and make suggestions for improvement during the open meetings. Communication boards are placed in strategic areas through the work areas. Information is placed on the communication boards and updated weekly. Questions frequently come from the information from the boards.Conclusion The organizational structure can be descriptive of the culture of the organization. A ridged authoritarian organizational structure defines an organization that does not allow the frontline workers to participate in decisions that affect the organization. The matrix organizational design requires open communication between the leaders of the organization. Added shared governance from the frontline creates more awareness is put on the quality and delivery of the product. Organizational structures vary and are representative of the leadership within.

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Trading in Hong Kong Essay Example for Free

Trading in Hong Kong EssayGreat business dealings work into consideration the intricacies of the cultivation into which the business is to be established. Customers need to be studied their needs, their wants and other demands. Studying the local culture would also help in dealing with local business people.What a business mostbody must first note in studying Hong Kong and Vietnam culture is that both countries have collectivist orientations and interests. They register close family and community ties. Loyalty is a very important value and each member takes function for others in the group. (Taylor, para. 7)People in Hong Kong value collective ideals of modesty, moderation, and the value of protecting established, harmonious relationships. The collective culture would reinforce peoples motivation to do a good job, because there is an element of view pertain. If one is doing a good job in running a company, he or she not only reaps scratch but also gain face (Internatio nal Business Ethics, Attitude toward a Corporation section). The concept of face in Hong Kong is roughly equivalent to reputation and integrity. Most Hong Kong companies are owned by families (International Business Ethics, theologys and Traditions section, para. 4).For the Vietnamese, the family is of uttermost(a) importance. The groups interests comes first before the individuals. All customs and rituals like hymenealss and funerals are attached to the village community. Marriages had to meet the interests of family lines and wedding proposals are made to the brides family. ( usance, para. 5)Hong Kong culture is somewhere in-between Chinese and American culture (International Business Ethics, para. 1). In fact, both Chinese and English are considered its official languages. Although Hong Kong is predominantly Chinese, its culture blends the East and the West, as easy as the old and the new.People here still cling to their roots, to their traditional beliefs and holinesss. Th ey continue to pray and construct offerings at more than 600 old and new temples, shrines and monasteries scattered across the territory. (Hong Kong Culture, para. 2)Hong Kong is famous for their lion dances, a biased display of a dancing large lion usually during festive occasions and are meant to learn in good luck.The Hong Kong Chinese also celebrate the Ching Ming Festival, devoted to honoring their relatives who have died. Ancestors are held in high regard by the Chinese and they are always prayed to for guidance.Another festival that exhibits the Chineses close familial ties is the Moon Festival. It is believed that on that day, the moon is on its biggest, roundest and brightest. The term round implies family reunion in Chinese.There are various religions in Hong Kong, including Buddhism, Taoism, Confucianism, Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Sikhism and Judaism. There are 39,400 Catholics, 300,000 Protestant Christians, 20,000 Muslims and 15,000 Hindus in Hong Kong. All of t hese religions are deeply involved in education, health care and social services.Homes of Buddhist and Taoist believers have ancestral shrines, with images of the most prosperous of the hundreds of divinities (International Business Ethics, Religions and Traditions section, para. 2).Generally, Hong Kong has a welcoming attitude to business people from around the world (Hong Kong a Model, para. 6). It could be expected that American-owned businesses would have no problem dealing with the Hong Kong Chinese. In fact, the city already hosts more than 1,100 American firms (U.S.-Hong Kong, para. 4).Despite this, American business people should still take note of the following cultural determine and behaviors in order to avoid any misunderstandings with the Hong Kong ChineseColors are very significant. Red is considered a lucky color, while white is synonymous with death. It is wise to think about the color of your products.A public way of showing surprise or dismay is by sucking in air quick and loudly through the lips and teeth. If your customer shows this gesture, it means he is displeased.Gift giving is a sign of thanksgiving. point gifts using two hands and dont expect that it will be opened in front of you.Religion has a very significant influence on the culture and way of demeanor of the Vietnamese. Their attitude towards family, life and death are greatly influenced by Buddhism, Confucianism and Taoism (Religion, para. 1).The predominant religion in Vietnam is Buddhism, with about 10 zillion followers. The second largest is Catholicism, with about six million followers, but their influence on the culture is minimal. Just as well, the influence of the two religious sects, Cao Dai and Hoa Hao, are also insignificant. Caodaism is a combination of different teachings of Buddha, Jesus, Confucius, Lao-Tse and others. Hoa Hao, meanwhile, is a ameliorate Theravada Buddhism. (Religion, Other religions section)There are also Protestants and Muslims in Vietnam b ut the numbers are not large.As with the Hong Kong Chinese, Vietnam had also opened their trade with the United States. Likewise, it could be expected that doing business in Vietnam would not be too difficult for Americans, just as long as they keep in mind some of the intricacies of this culture. Among theseThe concept of face is very important to the Vietnamese. Take caution not to unintentionally cause the sacking of face of your customer. Be aware of your words and actions.Complimenting them is a way to give face, while, accusing them of poor murder or reprimanding them in public causes the loss of face.Pass items with both hands. It shows respect. Do not pass anything all over anyones head.Do not point using your finger. Point using your hand.BibliographyCunningham, J. (2005). U.S.-Hong Kong Economic Relations. Retrieved February 1, 2007 from http//usinfo.state.gov/eap/Archive/2005/Sep/30-249516.htmlCustoms and practices. (n.d.) Retrieved February 1, 2007 from http//www.viet namembassy-usa.org/learn_about_vietnam/culture/customs/Hong Kong a Model for China, U.S. Consul General Says. (n.d.). Retrieved February 1, 2007 from http//usinfo.state.gov/eap/Archive/2005/Sep/30-249516.htmlHong Kong Culture. (n.d.) Retrieved February 1, 2007 from http//hong-kong.tourism-asia.net/hong-kong-culture.htmlHuynh, D. T. (n.d.). Religion of the Vietnamese. Retrieved February 1, 2007 from http//www.geocities.com/SoHo/Den/5908/religion/religioninvn.html International Business Ethics Hong Kong Culture, Religion, and Tradition. (n.d.). Retrieved February 1, 2007 from http//www.pitt.edu/ethics/Hong_Kong/culture.htmlTaylor, S. (n.d.). Geert Hofstede Analysis Hong Kong. Retrieved February 1, 2007 from http//international-business-etiquette.com/besite/hong_kong.htm

Research question vs. Hypothesis Essay Example for Free

Research question vs. Hypothesis EssayDoes your study take an experimental salute to outcome questions? Are you making a prospicience about the phenomenon being studied? If your answer to these questions is yes, thusly you bequeath need a hypothesis, but if it is no wherefore you will need a look into question.This is because a hypothesis is a statement that is tested by experiment(s) to confirm or deny the phenomenon good turn now to a research question, if you are incorporating a research question rather than a hypothesis, then remember that some of the important features of a good question are that the question or paradox should beabout unity anesthetizeclear and conciseaddresses an important, controversial and/or an unresolved issue feasible to undertake within a specified timeframeadequately resourced.Hypothesis (plural = hypotheses)A hypothesis is not a question, but rather it is a statement about the relationship between two or more(prenominal) variables.So, for ex ample, the first question above could become a hypothesis by making this a statement rather than a question, namelyThe perceived needs of the patient and users of South Bedfordshires alleviatory cathexis services are being met.To be complete a hypothesis must include troika componentsThe variablesThe populationThe relationship between the variablesAs you can see, the hypothesis translates the research question into a prediction of expected outcomes.A hypothesis is the tool of quantitative studies, and is only found in suchstudies. In fact, a hypothesis is usually only found in experimental quantitative research studies. You will be able to find out more about hypothesese when we look at them in more detail later in the session.Research question.A research question is the question that the research upchuck sets out to answer. In actual fact, a research study may set out to answer several questions. The methodology used for that study, and the tools used to conduct the research, a ll depend upon the research questions being asked.For example, in the example of a qualitative research study, the following two research questions that underpin the study, and also indispensable to be answered by the study, are shown in the box below.There are two research questions that will need to be answered by this phase of the research. These are Are the perceived needs of the patients and users of South Bedfordshires palliative care services bei ng met? If not, what needs to be done if these needs are to be met in the future? The first question can be answered by a quantitative study, whereas the second one may require a qualitative study to answer it.Research questions can therefore be used in quantitative and qualitative research studies.

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Social Networking Essay Example for Free

accessible Networking Es saySocial engagementing sites such(prenominal) as Friendster, Linkedin, Spoke, type book, MySpace and Twitter all vary slightly, yet the superstar main feature they gull is that they enable users to bring to highroad a write within the website to represent themselves and allows uses to interact through email, instant messaging and other compound communication channels within the site (Papacharissi, 2009). The popularity and growth of loving networking sites over the past five geezerhood has been co t maven endingal, as many people from all over the world join up to this genial phenomenon for alter reasons. Today, there atomic number 18 much than 500 million active users on face book and users pass along over 700 billion minutes per month on this companionable networking site (Facebook, 2011). As the technology of meshwork 2. 0 improves and advances, cordial networking sites have an charge bigger impact on society and human relationship s, two positive and detri psychical. This paper argues that amicable networking sites have a negative influence on children, teenagers and adults, incr respite the ease and prominence of cyber bullying, increase individualised insecurities and feed addictions and weaken cockeyed personal ties.This paper also argues that social networks create distraction and diminution productivity and profits within the workplace and butt also can jeopardise a companys reputation. Social networks also increase the ease of identity thieving and bring to light other privacy have sexs as well as lead to an overall decrease in our face to face social skills and confidence. This paper will demonstrate that social networking sites do travail more harm than good. Identity TheftIdentity theft is a huge problem in todays society and has come about as a result of the rapid amplification and availability of meshing technology and the increase in personal data found on social networking sites. In point A total of 806,000 Australians immemorial 15 twelvemonths and over were victims of at to the lowest degree oneness incident of personal fraud in or identity theft in 2008 (Australian bureau of Statistics, 2008). Sites such as MySpace, Facebook and Twitter facilate identity theft in two mains meanss.The first world is that sites advertize you to edit your profile this includes adding your interests, full name, where you live, who your top friends are, your email address and even personal details desire your phone number an relationship status. Users share a variety of tuition about themselves on their Facebook profiles, including photos, ex tennerd to information, and tastes in movies and books. (Jones amp Soltren, 2005). This information disclosure causes a huge problem as the more information you have on your profile the easier it is for identity thieves to verify themselves as being you.The second main issue is the privacy settings on these social networking sites also help faccilate personal fraud. Whilst there are built in features that allow users to change their privacy settings and non allow other users to view such personal details, these settings are never default, so that users are usually unaware how much information they are sharing not only with their friends, but with the rest of the world By default, profiles on Friendster and Tribe. net are crawled by look to engines, making them visible to anyone, regardless of whether or not the viewer has an account (Boyd amp Ellison, 2007).A widely distributed lack of awareness amongst users and the event that digital identity can be easily hacked makes social networking sites a hub for identity theft which results in unwanted legal hassles, loss of money and forms of trying to re-establish a victims credit and good name (Acquisti amp Gross, 2006). This is why it is important for users of social network systems to be aware of the value of the data they are making available online and o f the ways that is can pote3nitally be used (Donath amp Boyd 2004).Furthermore another privacy issue that social networking sites face is that they encourage users to overshare truly personal information that can easily be used against them. For drill the location based social networking site Foursquare encourages users to checkout time in at various locations to win points and earn badges and discounts. However these check ins are in real time and essentially users notify others where they are, but more importantly when they arent home. For strangers and thieves this is the perfect opportunity to take advantage of such knowledge and rob someones house musical composition they are out.A web site called Please rob me has been set up to enkindle awareness about over-sharing and highlights these kinds of privacy issues that social networks create Location based services also invoke myriads of privacy issues due to the ability to collect, store, use and disclose the locations o f users. (Anuar amp Gretzel, 2010). In this respect social networks interchangeable these pose serious privacy concerns. Cyber bullying Cyber bullying refers to bullying through information and communication technologies (Webster, n. ), mediums such as, emails, mobile phone text messages, phone calls, internet chat rooms, instant messaging and most importantly and recently, social networking websites such as MySpace, Facebook and Bebo (Webster, n. d). Whilst cyber bullying is not physical its emotional and psychological effectuate are devastating for the victim and can often lead to felo-de-se and depression (Hinduja amp Patchin, 2010). Cyber bulling in terms of social networks is a huge issue as more than 50% of the Statesn teenagers aged from 12 to 17 use social networking sites (Hall, 2010).Online bullying is often seen as the easy way out. Social Networking sites act as a platform where bullies can say things they might not usually say to someone in person, anonymity and les s physical proximity act as a argue between the bully and the victim, none the less, the words or rumours that are shared are still reasonable as hurtful. Bullies often feel more confident online and they can tangency their victims any time, anywhere, day or night, not just in the school yard (Smith et al. , 2008).For example in 2009 a 14 year old girl committed suicide as a direct result of cyber bulling. The daughters vex spoke out in an ABC intelligence operation report and explained that Friday night she was on the internet and told me about some message that had come through, and she wanted to die because of the message. I laid in have sex with her and we discussed it for about an hour and she left me fairly happy. I can guarantee you if she didnt go on the internet Friday night shed be alive today. (Dikeos, 2009).Additionally another well know content of cyber bulling that resulted in suicide was the case of Megan Meier who was constantly teased tormented and riven to her death from intense cyber bulling. 13 year old Megan began receiving nasty messages from a boy after a few weeks of an online flirtation with him, via her MySpace account, ending with one that suggested the world would be a better place without her. Megan, believing she had been rejected by Josh, committed suicide in her home. Times Topics, Megan Meier. (2011). The sad part was that Josh was ust a fictional character, created by a mother of one of Megans former friends. These two case studies bring to light the fact that cyber bulling is a considerable problem that is not only exists all over the world, but is only made manageable by the use of social networking sites. Without such platforms for bullies to target their victims the rate of teen suicide and depression would most believably drop. Groups on facebook can be created to make fun of or abuse particular people or ideas. On facebook I found groups titled I hate Kevin Rudd and on their wall things ilk F**k you Kevin a nd I cant believe they let this di***ead become foreign curate. Also a recent incident that was covered on the news showed the negative comments towards babies and their parents over facebook contact the Bonds Baby Search. Some comments under a photos said A child only a mother could sleep with and another baby was called an ugly duckling (Cute baby competition turns ugly, 2011). Comments like these are malicious not only to the babies, but for their parents as well. This in itself is another form of cyber bullying that has been made possible via the increased use of social networking sites.It is heart-to-heart that social networking sites aid in the prominence of cyber bulling which is just one of the negative impacts that social working sites has on society today. The weakening of strong ties amp isolation The way we communicate with our peers and with strangers over the internet is changing. Another negative impact that social networks have on our relationships is the fact that whilst they might strengthen our weak ties we have with acquaintances and people we dont see often, they are in fact weakening our strong ties and also bring about physical social isolation.The term social networking misleads people into believing they are being social, Facebook isnt considered a social network but more a public phone book or search engine. Contact is minimal and impersonal (Carr, 2010). The news feed feature on facebook and twitter keeps us in the loop with everything that our close friends and family are doing. why would one call their friend to ask them what they got up to on the weekend, when clearly all they have to do is look at their news feed and find all the details along with pictures entailing their lives.Traditionally we would on a regular basis call each other, or go out of the way to catch up. Nowadays the urge to contact each other over the phone or even face to face isnt as important because we feel like we are still connected via social network s ( Thomas, 2007). This idea of constantly being connected is awful in the way that personal interactions between friends are more superficial than they were in front Facebook and other social networking sites. Users are also more likely to let more time pass between face to face encounters because they still feel like they are in contact as they constantly have tabs on all of their friends.A case study that was done in America revealed that twenty-five percent of the respondents in the 2004 survey appear to have no close ties, up from ten percent in 1984. Additionally a similar study amongst college student found that 1 in 7 say that social networking sites increase feelings of isolation (Katonda News Network, 2010) As well as virtually 70% report reading posts from someone close to them that seemed like a cry for emotional help, and while most students would offer support in some way, fewer than half would make a personal visit (Katonda News Network , 2010).It is clear that the ride of social networks has increased social and emotional isolation and diluted the strength our human relationships. Workplace interference Social networking sites can have a negative impact in the workplace, for both employers for employees and future employees. They create distraction, decrease productivity, cost companies money, can jeopardise a companys reputation and legal liability and for those users who dont have their profiles set to private can often result in unemployment. If every employee in a 50-strong workforce spent 30 minutes on a social networking site every day, that would work out to a loss of 6,500 hours of productivity in one year (Kelleher, 2009). Social networking sites can also be damaging for potential employees looking for work ,as facebook and MySpace are fantastic resources for companies as they offer revealing information about a candidates true colours. Several profiles often contain awkward and embarrassing information that telephone line seeke rs would not want their future managers to know about themselves. According to a new study conducted by Harris Interactive for CareerBuilder. com, 45 percent of employers questioned are using social networks to screen job candidates (Wortham, 2009).. Moreover, there have been many instances where personal status updates or blog posts have hurt or damaged a companies reputation, thus seeing many employees loose their jobs over mindless updates that they didnt think twice about. For example in 2010, Jaguar ambassador and swimmer Stephanie Rice tweeted Suck on that f**gots, (Robertson, 2010) after a rugby game the Wallabies had won.Many twitter users and public figures referred to it as a gay slur and even after a public apology, Jaguar Australia general manager Kevin Goult announced that Jaguar Australia today over(p) its relationship with Stephanie Rice, who has been an ambassador for the Jaguar brand in Australia since the start of 2010. (Robertson, 2010). Another fine example of o ne employee who damaged his reputation before he even stared at his new job was a lake herring employee who tweeted Cisco just offered me a jobNow I have to weigh the utility of a fatty pay check against the daily commute to San Jose and hating the work It wasnt long before Tim Levad, a channel partner advocate for Cisco Alert, shared this open response, Who is the hiring manager. Im sure they would love to know that you will hate the work. We here at Cisco are versed in the web. ( Popkin, 2009)It is clear that social networking sites can have a damaging effect on not only employees but the companies themselves.Users are unfortunately unaware that everything they post on their profile is public information and even if your profile is set to private your boss or work colleagues may still be fronted with this information at some stage in the future. As social networking sites become more popular by the day, the rise of negative social effects within our society also greaten. We have and will see advance instances of cyber bullying more cases of identity theft and additional privacy breaches. We will also see our strong relationships diluted to a more superficial and convenient type of relationship.We will continue to see a further decrease in productivity within workplace and also more instances of companys reputations and names being brought into disrepute. Social networking sites have had a huge negative impact on our mental and social health and will continue to do so into the future. It is also now evident that social networking sites facilitate all these problems, and without them they would cease to exist. Therefore it is undeniably true that Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, and the like do in fact cause more harm than good. References Acquisti, A amp R, Gross. (2006).

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Content management system

nub c ar systemAbstractThis assignment is aimed to introduce students to how a project is to be managed and divulgeed. This project is about planning for the project management of the move of a large corporate electronic ne dickensrk internet site from soundless hypertext mark-up language version to a data driven system based on a mesh nitty-gritty Management trunk. To plan for the project an valuation for three options has to be made between Joomla, Drupal and ShargonPoint. As the project plan is to be for a 9 month period the clip scheduling behave to be made within this period. Also have to do Gantt chart and re source utilization in Microsoft project Microsoft excel and pull back lesion learned report.Project Management is the application of knowledge, skills, tools and techniques to project activities in enounce to meet or exceed stakeholders needs and expectations from a project.Project management is the discipline of organizing and managing resources in much (prenominal) a way that the project is completed within defined r for each superstar, quality, time and cost constraints.Executive heavysetIntroductionThis chronicle serves as a course take onment of ITPQM assignment getn by Greenwich University. It supersedes the precedent HTML version to a data driven system for sack Content Management System (WCMS). Key parts of this report go out be the choice of the core management system and the paygrade of M.S Excel and M.S project. A business criterion has to be selected regarding the chosen WCMS, which would be chosen after evaluating it in MS Excel. This assignment helps us to understand whether MS Excel and MS Project have features and functions that would game in a Project management.Research On Web Content Management System (CMS)CMS stands for Content Management System, a software application used for the creation, storage, and management of entanglement core in much formats.A Web Content Management System (WCM, WCMS or Web CMS) is essence management system (CMS) software, utilise as a Web application, for creating and managing HTML means. It is used to manage and gibe a large, dynamic appealingness of Web material (HTML muniments and their associated images). A WCMS facilitates content creation, content control, editing, and essential Web maintenance functions. The software imparts authoring (and some other) tools intentional to everyow substance ab drug users with little knowledge of computer programming languages or markup languages to create and manage content with relative ease. around systems use a database to store content, metadata, or artifacts that might be needed by the system. Content is frequently, plainly non universally, stored as XML, to facilitate, reuse, and enable flexible presentation options.Administration is through through web browser-based interfaces, alone about systems require the use of a fat client.A presentation layer displays the content to Web-site vis itors based on a set of templates. The templates are sometimes XSLT files.Most systems use waiter side caching boosting performance. This effects crush when the WCMS is not changed often but visits happen on a regular basis.Un standardized Web-site builders, a WCMS allows non- technical users to make changes to a website with little educate. A WCMS typically requires an experienced coder to set up and sum features, but is primarily a Web-site maintenance tool for non-technical administrators.This means users testament not need to hire a web tendency company every time they requirement to up take care the site or summarise content.Benefits of WCMS Upon completion of this project plan WCMS derives following benefitsCustomizable pages and portal elements (banners, colors, etc.) that dismiss be tailored globally or targeted individuallyTargeted announcements based on Banner criteriaWeb-based tools to manage user and group profiles, announcements, content and layout, and perfor mance and practiceA portal interface to control channel and content deliveryAn desegregation suite to destiny data between third-party applications, and databasesIncreased capacity to growth any organization.Project groundScopeThe objectives of WCMS mise en sceneProcure and raise the selected web content management systemPlan, examine and deploy initial data architecture framework and update, document or leverage from existingTemplatesWorkflows for cognize sitesRoles and responsibilitiesContent guidelinesSupport and training materialsServices to be providedSystem schematic enterical and physical designPlan, test and executeScope ElementsSeveral elements lack sufficient clarity without further analysis to determine whether they are in or out of scopeNumber and scope of site migration the number of Humanities departments that can be accommodated within the project is unknown. The scope of the University Relations migration is not in in effect(p) defined.Use of authoritati ve course information is currently addressable using the template system and some academic departments expect this functionality. Whether it is in scope for physical body II is dependent upon analysis of Gordianities involved.Fully redundant off-site disaster rec all overy of editing and create functionality may prove too complex and costly.Out of ScopeOther deliverables that are out of scope for the WCMS Project includeCreation of strategic and implementation plans for corporate response to web security and form _or_ system of government/regulatory compliance beyond Design Review Board process.Web standards work for development and integration (with the exception of standards and release policy for code passed via system to web layer.)Full or extensive evaluation and mitigation for compliance and accessibility issuesExtensive service definition of the new web services to be deployedRetirement/repurpose of existing web content delivery infrastructuresDesign/revision of new ca mpus template impression and FeelResolution of funding source for hiring of operational staff.Project DependenciesThe dependencies below introduce risk that essential be mitigated and, on that pointfore, are included in the Risk Management Plan.Other Web chopine ComponentsWeb Function and Design Project template design and information architecture deliverables have legion(predicate) functional and schedule-related interdependencies.Web Service Definition Project will derive information fromWCMS as a result of practical migration experience and the WCMS project will require the Service Definition project to provide direction.Web GovernanceThe WCMS project will rely upon Web Governance to develop policy where needed for implementation or operations.Description of Joomla, Drupal SharePointDrupalDrupal is a free software package that allows an individual or a community of users to easily publish, manage and organize a wide variety of content on a website. Tens of thousands of com munity and organizations are using Drupal to power scores of various web sites, includingCommunity web portals handling sitesCorporate web sitesIntranet applicationsPersonal web sites or blogsAficionado sitesE-commerce applicationsResource directoriesSocial Networking sitesThe built-in functionality, combined with dozens of freely available add-on modules, will enable features much(prenominal) asElectronic commerceBlogscollaborative authoring environmentsForumsPeer-to-peer networkingNewslettersPodcastingPicture galleriesFile uploads and downloadsGeneral featuresCollaborative Book- collaborative book feature lets one setup a book and then authorize other individuals to contribute content.Friendly URLs- Drupal uses Apaches mod_rewrite to enable customizable URLs that are both user and search engine friendly.Modules- The Drupal community hascontributed umteen moduleswhich provide functionality that extend Drupal core.Online help- Have built a racy online help system built into the core help text.Open source- The source code of Drupal is freely available under the terms of the GNU General Public License 2 (GPL). Unlike proprietary blogging or content management systems, Drupals feature set is fully available to extend or customize as needed.Personalization- A robust personalization environment is at the core of Drupal. Both the content and the presentation can be individualized based on user-defined preferences.Role based permission system- Drupal administrators dont have to tediously setup permissions for each user. Instead, they assign permissions to roles and then group like users into a role group.Searching- All content in Drupal is fully indexed and searchable at all times if one take advantage of the built in search module.Content managementPolls- Drupal comes with a poll module which enables admins and/or users to create polls and show them on several(a) pages.Templating- Drupals theme system separates content from presentation allowing you to control the look and feel of your Drupal site. Templates are created from standard HTML and PHP coding meaning that you dont have to learn a proprietary templating language.Threaded comments- Drupal provides a powerful weave comment sample for enabling discussion on published content. Comments are hierarchical as in a newsgroup or forum.Version control- Drupals version control system tracks the details of content updates including who changed it, what was changed, the date and time of changes made to your content and more(prenominal). Version control features provide an option to keep a comment log and enables you to roll-back content to an earlier version.JoomlaJoomla is an dirty money-winning content management system (CMS), which enables you to build Web sites and powerful online applications. many a(prenominal) aspects, including its ease-of-use and extensibility, have made Joomla the most popular Web site software available. Best of all, Joomla is an open source solution that is fr eely available to everyone.Joomla is used all over the world to power Web sites of all shapes and sizes. For exampleCorporate Web sites or portalsCorporate intranets and extranetsOnline magazines, newspapers, and publicationsE-commerce and online reservationsGovernment applicationsSmall business Web sitesNon-profit and organizational Web sitesCommunity-based portalsSchool and church Web sitesPersonal or family homepagesJoomla is designed to be easy to install and set up. Many Web soldiersing services offer a single-click install, getting your new site up and running in just a few minutes. Since Joomla is so easy to use, as a Web designer or developer, we can right away build sites for your clients. Then, with a minimal amount of instruction, we can place our clients to easily manage their sites themselves.SharePointSharePoint is a collection of products and software elements that includes, among a growing selection of components, web browser based collaboration functions, proces s management modules, search modules and a SharePoint can be used to host web sites that access shared workspaces, information stores and documents, as well as host defined applications such as wikis and blogs. All users can manipulate proprietary controls called web parts or interact with pieces of content such as lists and document libraries.Some Features of SharePointTeam Collaboration, Review Workflows, subvention Web, Slide Library (splits a PPT presentation into individually viewable slides on the site without breaking the PPT file open), reward Web Application, Premium Root Site, Management Library, Global Web Parts, Enhanced Search, Base Web Application, Spell Checking, Signatures Workflow ,Reporting, Premium Site, Publishing Web, Base Web, Base Site, Basic Search, Translation Workflow workflow for sending a document through rounds of translation into ternary languages, Expiration Workflow, Excel legion, Search Web Parts, Publishing Site dilute Tracking Workflow .EVALU ATION ON DRUPAL, JOOMLA SHAREPOINTJoomlaJoomla is designed in a way that it can work perfectly in a shared hosting environment.It is a package that is least expensive and most joint to all users.Its foundation feature is elementary and just like any other descktop software.It can choke off several extensions, add-on and plug in.Joomla is written in PHP with general purpose scripting language and best competent for web development.Joomla is integrated with CiviCRM and other common packages like GetActive or DemocracyInAction.DrupalDrupal can work just like Joomla in shared hosting environments.It has powerful content editing tools for common users and for web developers for creating websites without bothering about codes.Drupal is a trash diffuclt in installation procedure than that of Joomla.Drupal is also developed in PHP and offers common functionalies of Joomla or perhaps more sophisticated ones, which would be difficult for non technical persons to master it than that of Joomla.It contains non-profit centric add-ons like event registration, online donation, email newssheet etc.Eventhough drupal has plugins they are less powerful than that of Joomla.SharePointSharepoint uses application server as IIS.Net where as Joomla and Drupal uses , CGI and Apache.Applicatin cost is $4000 compared to the other two which are free to use. pledge feature is more of a plus point in SharePoint than that of Joomla And Drupal.Ease of use, performance and management are more easy and manageable compared to both Drupal and Joomla.But SharePoint supports ASP.net programming language, if the site which was built using PHP then it will be difficult to use SharePoint to establish the comparable site online.KEY FUNCTIONALITIES OF A WCMSContent management systems manage content creation, review and approbation processes for web site content. Content management system provides content version control, collaboration utilities, and user or document aim security.Some of the fu nctions of CMS areContent Authoring it is the ability to create content through a content editor program, import of content, capability to deploy, present the content and aggregation of items.Content acquisition it is the ability to gather content through import or metadata. Content aggregation process of gathering information from different sources into one overall structure.Output and content presentation Presenting content through different ways such as HTML or XMLWorkflow management the process of managing to create flows of sequential and parallel tasks that moldiness be accomplished.Version control and management lets threefold users make simultaneous changes to content and keep track of them.Security management Access to the content are controlled through authentication, role and directory management, access control settings and passwords.Product engineering and support defines the technical architecture of the product, the technological environment in which the product can successfully run. much(prenominal) as product and application architecture, software usability and administration, platform and database support, application standards support, communications and protocol support and integration capabilities.Project Goals and ObjectivesThe objectives of WCMS with the original scopeProcure and install the selected web content management systemPlan, test and deploy initial information architecture framework and update, document or leverage from existingTemplatesWorkflows for known sitesRoles and responsibilitiesContent guidelinesSupport and training materialsServices to be providedSystem schematic logical and physical designPlan, test and executeWSM criteria of WCMSCriteria to which alternative to choose for Web Content Management System (WCMS)CorefunctionalityWhen most people telephone of content management, they are thinking of the creation, deletion, editing and organizing of pages. They assume all content management systems do this and so take the functionality for granted. However that is not necessarily the case. There is also no guarantee that it is done in an intuitive fashion.Not all blogging platforms for example allow the owner to manage and organize pages into a tree hierarchy. Instead the individual posts are automatically organized by criteria such as date or category. In some situations this is perfectly adequate. In fact this limitation in functionality keeps the interface simple and easy to understand. However, in other circumstances the absence of this functionality can be frustrating.TheeditorThe majority of content management systems have a WYSIWYG editor. Strangely this editor is often ill ascertained, despite the fact that it is the most used feature within the system.The editor is the interface through which content is added and amended. Traditionally, it has also allowed the content supplier to apply elemental formatting such as the selection of fonts and color. However more recently there has been a move away from this type of editor to something that reflects the principles of best practice.The danger of traditional WYSIWYG editors is twofold. First, they give the content provider too much design control. They are able to customize the appearance of a page to such an extent that it could undermine the consistence of design and branding. Second, in order to achieve this direct of design control the CMS mixes design and content.The new generation of editors takes a different approach. The content provider uses the editor to markup headings, lists, links and other elements without dictating how they should appear. Ensure your list of requirements includes an editor that uses this approach and does not give content providers control over appearance. At the very least look for content management systems that allow the editor to be replaced with a more appropriate solution.The editor should also be able to handle external assets including images and downloads. That brings us on to the management of these assets.ManagingassetsManaging images and files are badly handled by some CMS packages. Issues of accessibility and ease of use can cause frustration with badly designed systems. Images in particular can cause problems. Ensure that the content management system you select forces content provider to add alt attributes to imagery. You may also want a CMS that provides basic image editing tools such as crop resize and rotate. However, finding such a CMS can be a challenge.Also consider how the content management system deals with uploading and attaching PDFs, volume documents and other similar files. How are they then displayed to users? What descriptions can be attached to the files and is the search capable of index them.Search is an authorised aspect of any site. Approximately half of users will start with search when expression for content. However, often the search functionality available in content management systems is inadequate.UserinteractionIf yo u intend to gather user feedback, your CMS must provide that functionality or allow third party plug-in to do so. Equally, if you want a community on your site then you will require functionality such as chat, forums, comments and ratings.As a minimum you will require the ability to post forms and collect the responses. How easy does the CMS make this process? Can you customize the handle or does that require technical expertise? What about the results? Can you place who they are emailed to? Can they be written to a database or outputted as an excel document? Consider the type of functionality that you will require and look for a CMS that supports that.RolesandpermissionsAs the number of content providers increase, you will want more control over who can edit what. For example, personnel should be able to post job advertisements but not add content to the homepage. This requires a content management system that supports permissions. Although implementation can vary, permissions no rmally allow you to specify whether users to edit specific pages or even entire sections of the site. As the number of contributors grows still further you may require one individual to review the content being posted to ensure accuracy and tenacious tone. Alternatively content might be inputted by a junior member of staff who requires the approval of somebody more senior before making that content live.In both cases this requires a cms that supports multiple roles. This can be as simple as editors and approver, or complex allowing customized roles with different permissions.Finally, enterprise level content management systems support entire workflows where a page update has to go through a series of checkpoints before being allowed to go live. These complex scenarios require the ability to roll back pages to a pervious version.Being able to revert to a previous version of a page allows you to quickly recover if something is posted by accident.Some content management systems have c omplex versioning that allow you to rollback to a specific date. However, in most cases this is overkill. The most common use of versioning is simply to return to the close saved state.Although this sounds like an indispensable feature, in my experience it is rarely used expect in complex workflow situations. That said, although versioning was once a enterprise level tool it is increasingly becoming available in most content management systems. This is also true of multi-site support.MultiplesitesupportWith more content management systems allowing you to run multiple websites from the same installation, I would recommend that this is a must-have feature.Although you may not currently need to manage more than a single site, that could change. You may decide to launch a new site targeting a different audience.Alternatively with the growth of the diligent web, you may create a separate site designed for mobile devices. Whatever the reason, having the flexibility to run multiple webs ites is important.MultilingualsupportIt is easy to dismiss the need to support multiple languages. Your site may be targeted specifically at the domestic market or you may sell a language specific product. However think twice before dismissing this requirement.Even if your product is language specific, that could change. It is important that your cms can grow with your business and changing requirements.Also just because you are targeting the domestic market does not mean you can ignore language. We live in a multicultural society where numerous languages are spoken. Being able to accommodate these differences provides a significant edge on your competition.That said do think through the ramifications of this requirement. Just because you have the ability to add multiple languages doesnt mean you have the content. Too many of my clients have insisted on multilingual support and yet have never used it. They have failed to consider where they are going to get the content translated an d how they intend to pay for it.Success CriteriaA central WCMS is implemented and accepted by primary stakeholders including academic and academic support web siteClear roles and responsibilities are established for content creation, maintenance, and the support of the technologyIn-scope web sites are to the content management systemStakeholders are kept informed of developments and are provided with opportunities to comment and participateAfter Evaluation of WSM criteria I have created this WSM model which can help me to choose best CMS system for WCMS. Work Breakdown StructureProject prepare Web Content Management SystemProject planning/feasibility study (requirements stage)Study on the project issues create the project planSystem analysisAnalysis of its requirements pre analysisselecting a supplierHow many servers will be required, procuring hardware etc.Procuring hardware and softwareSystem designDevelop system designContext diagram/ system boundaryDFDERDFinal databaseThe final solution stageDevelop content management activities.Develop content management activitiesCMS objectsCMS emailsFind relevant contentspitiful contents from old website to the new one.Archiving mechanismsOperating environment made readyimplementation/codingCreating basic pages with different logged areasImplement menu structureImplement site authenticationImplement site modulesweb editors trained for use of CMSintegration and testingDeveloped module for testingTest modulesTest full siteTest in the working environmentAcceptanceCheck developed module and suggests changes invitee testingAcceptance by the sponsors for the launch of new systeminstallationMove site from developers server to live serverChanges madeSystem installed in the real environment.Deployment (training)Train IT support staff cause training schedule pretend training for use of the CMS systemVerify user readinessGive editor course after 6 months of deployment.Implementation PlanThe high-level timeline follows for implem entation. A advert weakness in estimating dates is the current unknown availability date of the vendor. Here we assume availability to develop SOW as soon as the contract is finalized.Assumptions for the following timeline includeContract negotiations are successfulActual award is not delayed after successful negotiationsVendor can engage as soon as contract negotiations are completeTwo calendar weeks off over winter break and one week over Thanksgiving breakAvailability of other police squad resources as specified below xx percent reduction in capacity due to furloughs and staff lossImplementation StrategyThe dodge to implement the new centrally supported WCMS site process includes the following work elements. procurement conduct a contract with the vendor and complete the purchase of the application.System Design and Installation design and installation of hardware, software, and process components supporting the application environmentRequirements, Configuration, and Develo pment requirements elicitation, soma and development of the application to meet user requirementsDeployment Management create a deployment plan for release of infrastructure, compliances, development projects, and assure release readiness.Documentation and communion collect and organize documentation and project communication.Implementation Work Package DescriptionProcurementProcurement and Business Contracts will procure software, consultation time, and three-year support contract from the selected vendor.System design and installationThe technical aspects of the system implementation will be conducted by a core technical team including two ITS team leads, PM, and rotating technical experts depending upon work products (programming, security, server admin, network, architects, IDM manager, etc.) Disaster recovery is a deliverable of this workgroup. Requirements will be gathered, options reviewed, and feasible option implemented. Because no precedent at UCSC for off-site disas ter recovery is available, the options will be researched and analyzed for feasibility. The lack of precedent will be verified. Specific deliverables are listed in section 4.2. utilitarian Requirements, Configurations DevelopmentLogical contour of the application to meet business needs will include create knowledge of the application function as well as the partner business requirements. Also key will be engagement with the vendor to understand best practices.Unlike technical configuration, functional configuration includes definition of business requirements related elements such as users/roles/groups, workflows, and user interface configurations. Hannon Hill Cascade Server has components that combine templates, configuration settings, and user groups together. A logical analysis of the best configuration is critical to maintaining scalability and functionality.This configuration team will engage and include technical team members and migration team members in developing require ments and specifications for configuration and development. To the extent required to meet project deliverables, the team will gather business requirements, create specifications, and develop scripts, API interfaces, and external application integration. Specific deliverables are listed in section 4.2.Deployment ManagementA core team including team leads will be responsible for deployment planning, will develop a checklist of activities and tests that must be performed previous to deployment, and will be accountable for their successful completion prior to deployment.Documentation and CommunicationThis team will be responsible for assuring that documentation to be handed off to the service team is created by the appropriate sub-teams and is stored/ organized in the appropriate place prior to project close. This includes skillful documentationTechnical training materialsApplication configurationUser training materialsRequirements