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2.1INTRODUCTIONThe starting time chapter of this dissertation has indicated organizational commitment (OC) as the way to improve a wide range of positive organizational outcomes and in curing dollar volume and absenteeism problems. It is vital to have a thorough understanding of the overall innovation of OC. Therefore, the main objective of this chapter is to provide a review on OC found on an extensive search of existing literature.This chapter starts with the theoretical background of OC and its description in the current world. Different approaches of OC are then discussed and Three-Comp superstarnt Model pull up stakes be presented in detail. This chapter progresses to evaluate the OC in the construction industry establish on the existing literature. Finally, a summary is provided at the end of this chapter.2.2 circumstance AND DEFINITION OF ORGANIZATIONAL COMMITMENT (OC)Commitment is a multi-foci concept. One whitethorn find commitment to the profession associations, the u nion, the cut back teams as well as commitment to the family, the state or religion, projects, values or career (Reichers, 1985 Baruch, 1998 Meyer & Herscovitch, 2001 Paill, Fournier & Lamontagne 2011). OC is one of the five forms of work commitment indicated by Morrow (1983) and has been conceptualized in different constructs, definitions and interpretations to divulge understand the intensity and stability of an employees dedication to the organization (Cohen, 2007 Singh & Venugopal, 2008). The soonest attempt of the conceptualization of commitment is by Beckers (1960) side-bet theory. He argued that an several(prenominal) is committed in an organization is because of the hidden investments. The threat of losing these investments, along with a perceived lack of alternatives to replace or make up for th... ...onship is substantive in undertaking project tasks to attain the goals. To the QS, goal attainment inwardly the work group creates a positive influence to be a member o f the group. Hence, QS is likely to gain or maintain their membership in the group (Chiu & Ng, 2013). In order to achieve the desired attitude and behavioral changes among employees, it is essential to understand the objectives, expectations and goals of the organization and the employees (Mohyin, Dainty, & Carrillo, 2009). Failing in understanding what employees exact and expect from the employment relationship will often lead to the downslope in commitment and loyalty and thus increase employee turnover (Loosemore et al., 2003).This reflects a need in studying the antecedents of OC among QS, by looking at QS who work in different consultant and construction firms to fill the gaps in knowledge.

Computers and Medical Database Advances :: Essays Papers

Computers and Medical Database Advances Computers have revolutionized the focusing we do things in the medical field from the devised utilise the pharmacy to the databases used to keep patients medical records. Pharmacies, offices and hospitals have been adequate to(p) to take advantage of the value computers throne bring to their companies. Computers get to it easy to keep tack of their patients, as well as what medication they take in orderliness to make it easier for everyone. Computers can be used to advance the uses of health care systems in hospitals in more ways than one. One of the first systems that use computers to introduce and transfer information for the use of giving advice and solving clinical problems is the attend to system. (Fitzmaurice) This system not only alerts physicians to abnormal and changing clinical determine but can generate reminders for physicians. For example A trial by Indiana University showed that strains for respira tory ailments were reduced by ten to thirty percent because the computer was competent to remind the doctor to give a flu vaccine to those patients. In Beth Israel Hospital in Boston computers were also able to alert physicians when kidney failure was a risk. (Fitzmaurice) Another way that computers can take in physicians in hospitals is the costs it can decrease. Physicians are able to order tests by computers which can automatically display cost affective testing. At Wishard account Hospital in Indianapolis they saved $594 per admission when using computers to economize all impatient orders.(Fitzmaurice) That is a total of more than three trillion dollars in projected hospital savings. Also the physician ordered 14 percent fewer tests when using computers because the computer was able to show test results, test prices and abnormal results. (Fitzmaurice) By being able to write programs for computers that can contain a database full of patients makes it ea sier for everyone. In the 1980s in order for pharmacies to process third party payors, it had to be done the old style way-via paper. With millions of people rushing to the pharmacy to get their medication, a more efficacious way had to be established to process claims.(Sardinha) During the middle of the 1980s pharmacies were able to establish online computer claims making it easier to bill insurance companies online.

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Was Ho Chi Minh More of a Nationalist Than a Communist?

Was Ho Chi Minh more of a jingoistic than a commie? Most people in America securely believe that Ho Chi Minh was a communist first and foremost. The domain was inundated with stories of his visits to Russia and china. We heard repeatedly how his support from communist countries was being use to take over and create a communist stronghold in South East Asia. What we didnt hear was the rest of the story. The Vietminh under Minhs leadership had an alliance of sorts with the U. S. during WWII.The common enemy, the Japanese provided a sort of inappropriate bedfellows situation where the communists supported the ouster of a nonher foreign invader. After the war, the Vietminh set(p) up governmental structures in the country assuming Vietnam would return to a sovereign state. Minh himself made repeated overtures to the U. S. and other countries for support in his demand of independence (Young, 1991. p 14). Even the Vietnam declaration of independence signaled Minhs ultranationalisti c view (Gettleman, et al, p 26). As a pragmatist, Minh realized that the U. S. as not going to support his independence so he turned towards Russia and China for support. Minh walked a fine line with these countries to keep his supply line open up without losing his independence. Some say that ability showed his true skills as a diplomatist (Obituary, 1969). On the flip side of the equation, Minh was a true and through communist. He lived and breathed the communist ideals and was ruthless in achieving them. It has been said that he was a great contradiction. Ho Chi Minh was known as the great communist leader while at the same time ultimate nationalist (Ho Chi Minh, 2006).References Gettleman, M, Franklin, J, Young, M. &038 Franklin, B. (1995). Vietnam and America. Grove Press, New York, N. Y. Ho Chi Minh North Vietnamese Leader (2006). Retrieved from http//www. historynet. com/ho-chi-minh-north-vietnam-leader. htm Ho Chi Minh Was Noted for Success in blend Nationalism and Commun ism (Obituary) (1969. Retrieved from www. nytimes. com/learning/general/onthisday/bday/0519. html Young, M. (1991). The Vietnam Wars 1945=1990. Harper collins Publishers, New York N. Y.

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Himalayan Herders Reaction Essay

The film Himalayan Herders portrayed gage pastoralists from Himalaya. This movie covered umpteen points on the mannersstyle of these indigenous mint. This documentary film styled film covers many aspects of ethnography. This ranges from religion, to death ceremonies. This video did a very well job of portraying these people and it was very ethnographic approximately it. As far as ethnography is concerned, this film is full of it. This gathering of people is considered pastoralists. This means that they comparable to remain in one argona. Also, they atomic number 18 farmers and herders.An exemplar of this is how potatoes are the staple of their diet. An example of how they are herders includes how they raise Zomo, which are cow in combination with yaks. This is beca commit theses pastoralists use the milk of a cow for many things but bouncing at higher altitudes, which yaks foundation handle. There is in spades a division of labor among the genders. The women are respon sible for tending to the Zomo, milking them and qualification cover from the milk. The women in addition bind help from the children. While the children are helping, they are also learning how to tend the Zomo for future responsibilities.Essentially the only obligation the men countenance in regards to the Zomo is taking them out to feed, while the women have to take the time to milk them, churn butter, and make cheese. Something else that men are responsible for however includes creating objects and art out of color dyed butter for a ceremony called the Nara. Men also have the responsibility of do the rituals at the Nara. A nonher aspect of pastoralist culture covered here was their economical system. For a while, the mountain pastoralists of the Himalayas didnt use a coin or paper form of cash. More often than not, grain was considered currency.Grain could be traded for tools and useful things for the group. More recently however, coin currency has been used. Coin currenc y can be traded for sheep and vica-versa. Sheep are another important part of their lives. Sheep were of run used for their wool and the women had the responsibility to turn the wool into textiles to be worn-out or for other uses. The wool was turned into a yarn like string by hand, by tightening it up. After that, the women used a series of sticks and tangledly created fabric which was its useable form. The point of view of this film is in the form of a narrator.A narrator educates the viewers on the day to day lives of these people with the occasional interview-style scene which would include an individual(a) from this particular society speaking about an aspect of it. With this style, we get to gather up about what the people within the group think and how they feel about certain topics. I dont believe the narrator is sloping because it seems to me that they have done a lot of studying this society and preferably of giving opinions, is giving generalizations and genuine fa cts. I believe that the people that where study would generally give us the same selective information the narrator provided.This is because, as stated above, the narrator is essentially merely sticking to the facts and presenting to us in the same focusing the individuals in the group would. If anything, this film shows empathy. The narrator shows no sign of feeling sorry for this group when he talks and is just presenting the information for us to perceive. The narrator seems to have an understanding of the culture and does not show resentment in the least bit. After watching the film, I dont dislike the group either however, I also wouldnt say I admire them. I feel absent towards them.They are going about their lives, surviving the way they know how to and the way that was taught to them which is respectful. It would be very easy for them to just stop and let engineering science do everything for them like we do here but they carry on living simple lives. In all honesty, I suppose I feel respect for them. I believe it would be fantastic to live a simple life and really only have to gravel about what daily tasks lie ahead of you. Although it would be nice, it would also be nearly impossible for someone in our culture such as me to just drop everything and go move into a mountain.This culture is frankly not a lot like my own. In my society we pasture in grocery stores whereas in this culture they basically make everything they use from scratch. Its hard to find a similarity except a little bit in the death ceremony. In the death ceremony, the utterly is put into a wooden box where no spirits can enter. When someone in America is buried, this is also done in a wooden box but a much more intricate one. The instill system is also much different. There is barely a school system there. If Im not mistaken, a school system is a very new concept for them where here, school is life.In conclusion, this film did a great job of describing the mountain pastoral ists of the Himalayas. It was very ethnographic and covered many aspects of their culture. The narrator also did not appear to have any biases. That is a huge part of learning about a society. It is always best to have a narrator that just relays information to you and then cut to a scene of an individual within the group talking about it. That way, we could get a better scope of their lives. altogether in all, this film did a great job educating everyone who has viewed it about the life and culture of these specific pastoralists.

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Downside of the Excellent American Education System

In the book why they excel, we corporation recognise that American coaching clay is good by flavour from the result of the progress of technology and economic in this country merely why Asiatic students is better than American students in linked states, is it because of our system education is lower than their system education or from the quality of the passel?. We can answer this by looking our system education from the victory and failure and my experience in here. We all know that American education system is good, as a result we can see it from the aim of m either things for example manage confineet technology or figuring system.The success from this education, we can see from the quality of the education, we know that United States is truly popular in education, for example so many people from United States can work in out of this country easily later finishing their school. The system of education here is actually good, in which canvas in this country is very nice because we can story what we fate without taking so many general educations. For example when we postulate to psychoanalyze business Computer information system, we can finish it by 3 years.But other country like Indonesia, we cannot graduate just by 3 years only because so many general educations we be in possession of to take there. So it is not efficient to take many popular educations because it is not important, anyway we will forget it by and by we finish school. On the other hand American education has some disadvantages, for example like Asian students can do better than American students, it is really wacky things, because Asian students have to study the language first before they study here. But in fact Asian students are better.We can see why Asian students are better because of 2 sides, in which it is intern side and extern side. Intern side is for example like the demand of their parents, and Confucianism. And extern side is the quality of their highsc hool school in Asian. So that is why Asian Students do not feel difficulties in perusal here. For example like in Singapore in which the standard of the high school there is the highest in this world for math, so the students from Singapore who want to continue their study here they will not feel any difficulties because the level of difficulties in almost all render is lower than in Singapore.In my experience, I can decide that American education is very good, because we just take like 3 years to take bachelor, and after that we can work to look for money, and it is really good thing, but American system has failure also, for example in my math class, all Asian students can get A, we can see it how bad the quality of high school here, because almost all students have to study new things in university, but in fact all Asian students have already studied that thing in their high school in Asia. thus my idea about the success and failure from our experience in poring over here is t hat we have to change the system of the American high school here, because the quality is reallylow, for example like we have to give much subject to all high school students so they can be more competitive with Asian students.

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Benefits and Influence of Music

Nowadays, medicine is very popular for teen and totally ages. Some people like to listen Classic music and opposite like R&B or hip to(predicate) hop. It face on their interesting. Even many people like music, notwithstanding it unflustered has advantages and disadvantages also. startle of all, I would like to talk about the advantages of music. There ar many advantages, but Ill tell you more details about that. First point, the music bum make us flavor relieve. Sometimes, when you get in the moody. You can behave out your mp3 and listen to it, you allow be tint relieve.The music such as hip hop or R&B can help you to get in the nice mood again. Second point, music can make us feel more comfortable. When you listen the romantic music, you such a kind of stargaze or you feel that you can fly and get the romantic feeling. So your feeling more comfortable and being happy all the time. terzetto point, music can reduce your stresses all the time. When you stress, you listening music or do other activity in order to reduce your stresses maltreat by beat. You can listening hip hop music, its help you smile.This is the blend point of listening music, music can bring us in to one society by the meaning of the vocal. For example, you are listening to the Americanas song ( Dead and Gone), you can learn about the society in America. What happened in that or somethings beside this. Also you can improve your listening skill by listen the English song too. However music has many advantages, but its also has disadvantages too. Listening music waste a lot notes. When the utterer show up or release new album, you unendingly send packing your money to buy it both time they release.If they release 100 divergent new album, Would you buy all this album? Thats why I can say music waste a lot of money. On the other hands, music waste our time too. When you are addicted in to music. You always sit and listening to it without doing anything. You just si t and listen. You dont go out and do your work. Besides that, If you listen too much time and put your headset every time. You will have problem with your ear. You will spend much money or time to treat it.Totally, every things always have advantages and disadvantages. barely if you get the information about this already. You should reduce your listening habit step by step. Benefits and influence of music medication gives disparate meaning to everyone. harmony is a combination of art form from different elements of melody, harmony, rhythm and genre. Music acts as an influence, past time, hobby and passion. From classical to jazz, pop, rock, R&B, hip hop or even devotional songs, music affect different people in many different way.That is why we can essay nowadays some people who are enthusiastic about music even attribute themselves and their talents into music professions. Music touches our soul and allows us to extinguish different moods and emotions. Therefore, music has many roles that affect everyones life. Listening to authorized songs usually triggers to certain emotions linked to that song. As for me, I would listen to assorted sorts of songs to cheer my mood up. And seriously, life without music would be very dull. provoke you ever heard of the saying, hooked on the feeling? . Well, it really happens. For example, during festive seasons like Christmas, many people will put on Christmas songs because this will help them to stay on the state of euphoria all month long and bring back their childhood memories of Christmas. Therefore, music also plays a very crucial ole in overall development of an individual. It can take the mind and body to do spontaneous things either good or bad, depends on the type of music a person is listening to and it put across contains.For instance, when someone is listening to sad songs related to their love or life, the attendee will be highly in touch with that song committed with their emotions. Likewise, when another person is listening to a heavy metal songs, they readiness inhibited violated act or aggressive behavior as rock songs bring about rebellion and agitation influence. However, for some people, listening to this type of songs is their way of expressing anger and relieve from pain. Well, its actually depends on that person himself on how they interact and influence by the music.

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Medical Tourism: Study Case of Ijn

checkup touristry Sustainability through the Export Market Orientation Behaviours The Case Study of Institut Jantung Negara (IJN) Ili-Salsabila Abd-Razak1 and Asmat Nizam Abdul Talib Universiti Utara Malaysia, Kedah, MALAYSIA The inclusion body of touristry sector as single of the 12 recognized content key frugal aras (NKEA) for the 10th Malaysia Plan represent the sectors prospect in not only driving the nations saving, but as salubrious as transforming the ground into a high-income economy by 2020. With more or less 10 historic period left, m any takeed groups be keen to write out how this will be achieved.This report card aims at exposing the prospects of aesculapian touristry as an essential subsector of tourism which would offer a function of proven benefits, and then contribute to accomplishing the government aspiration of transforming the nations economy via the state sector. In discussing the subject, the case study method is employed involving Institut Jantung Negara (IJN) as an appear health check examination examination tourism provider in the orbit. Findings of the case study are presented herein. Key words checkup examination examination tourism, economy, Institut Jantung NegaraIntroduction The promising prospect of tourism as an economic stimulator has en adequated it to be included in the list of 12 national Key Economic Areas (NKEA), which has been particular(prenominal)ally drafted to transform the Malaysian economy into high-income economy by year 2020. plot there are tremendous be of tourism categories, ranging from environment, cultural, sports, and entertainment, to name a few, this musical theme intend to highlight on the prospects of medical examination tourism as a signifi fuckingt tourism-related economic indorser in this country. Connell (2006) defined medical tourism as health-related tourism involving specific medical intervention. Among the most everyday medical tourism products are orthopedic al and cardiac surgery, which are very popular among Asian medical tourism providers, as fountainhead as executive health evaluations, cosmetic surgery, conjugation replacement, and alike(p) complex medical, surgical and dental procedures (Horowitz and Rosensweig, 2007).Therefore this is a distinguished pains than that of the wider health tourism effort which involves tourists deceaseling to search for spas, yoga and meditation, or any refreshing(prenominal) forms of health tourism (Connell, 2006 Garcia Altes, 2005). 1 Email ili. email&160protected com 169 In a relatively detailed account of medical tourism learning which began in 1800s, Schroth and Khawaja (2007) proposed that the current phenomenon is opposite due to the unique combination of globose essential and supply indoors the international medical securities labor.As observed in the region, this proposition is regarded as well-founded. The present culture of medical tourism in the international commerciali ze is very unique, manifested by the escalating statistics of players, patients and revenues comed nigh the globe of late. How Malaysia is positioned within this backdrop, and how it would affect the development of this fast emerging economy, are among the focus of news of this paper. The Statistical Development of aesculapian touristry medical checkup tourism has been a very significant constancy over the years.By judging from its health travel umbrella, the sector is pass judgment to generate some handsome revenue of RM240 one thousand thousand (roughly USD73 billion) in 2010, with ASEAN contributing RM9. 6 billion (roughly USD3 billion) (PEMANDU, 2010). Specifically focusing on medical tourism fabrication, the anticipated revenue to be generated in Asia is RM14. 2 billion by 2012 (roughly USD4. 3 billion), with Malaysia is expect to bring in RM2. 1 billion (roughly USD64 cardinal) from that amount (Ang, 2009).As a comparison, India, another top Asian medical tourism d estination, expects to gain USD2 billion by the same year (Connell, 2006 Horowitz and Rosensweig, 2007). These statistics surely are translated by a growing number of medical tourists around the globe. The movement of medical tourists is another significant indicator of this trend. At the global stage, virtually 350 000 medical tourists moved from developed nations to less developed countries for handling in 2003, mend a year later 1. 18 one thousand thousand patients travelled to India alone and another 1. one thousand thousand to Thailand for the same reason (Horowitz and Rosensweig, 2007). Glancing at the topical anesthetic development, the Association of Private Hospitals of Malaysia (APHM) has been projecting for a stable 30% emersion of takings from opposed patients until 2010. This is apparent from the steady increase of remote patients to Malaysia which recorded a total of 39 114 patients in 1998 and 374 063 patients ten years later (APHM Liow, 2009). In terms of rev enue, RM14. 1 one thousand million was documented in 1998 before jumped to RM299. million in 2008 (APHM Liow, 2009), and is expected to contribute to another RM540 million in 2010 (Leonard, 2009). The revenue per patient has almost tripled from RM360 in 1998 to RM800 in 2008 (Choy, 2010). In the latest development, medical tourism is expected to generate RM4294. 4 million of Gross National Income, together with 5295 jobs in 2020 (PEMANDU, 2010). This occurrence has readily attracted a number of giant MNCs with diversified structure much(prenominal) as ordinary Electric (GE) to invest further in the manufacture (Panjanadan, 2010). The Revolution of Medical TourismThe presented statistics did not appear by chance. The numbers occurred out of plausible factors. The development of medical tourism attention is indeed different (Horowitz and Rosensweig, 2007). As mentioned earlier, Schroth and Khawaja attributed the singularity of the industrys current development to the forces of grocery stores demand and supply, which is in resonance with Horowitz and Rosensweig (2007) who ascribed it to the movement of patients from industrialized nations to less developed countries. Connell (2006) argued that medical tourism is a niche which 170 xperienced rapid growth and has go an industry. The said paper withal enlisted several factors promoting the development of medical tourism, such as the low costs factor, the long waiting list, the relatively low-priced international air travel and favourable exchange rate, plus the ripening of the baby boomers generation. These factors are also often cited in a number of studies regarding medical tourism such as Hansen (2008), Herrich (2007), Horowitz and Rosensweig (2007), Garcia Altes (2005), Marlowe and Sullivan (2007), and Schroth and Khawaja (2007), to name a few. unconnected from these popular factors, other notable factors motivating the development of the industry spotted in the literature extent are the use of inte rnet and mobility of technology, the unavailability of certain procedures in the local trade, and the reduced trade barriers encouraging the mobility of workforce. Hansen (2008) argued that the revolution in medical tourism today is consumer-driven. This is in line with Horowitz and Rosensweig (2007) who argued that the industry is market driven with complex involvement of multitude medical, economic, social and political factors.While the be on of the industry seems to be very promising, the general overview of Malaysias involvement at the international level is not very charming. Even though medical tourism experienced an astounding per annum growth of 22% from 2004 to 2009, the global shell out is still considered as small with RM350 million in 2010 (PEMANDU, 2010). Furthermore, PEMANDU also report that while the global healthcare travel is a multi-million dollar industry, Malaysia is save to get a sizeable share.The said industry is expected to generate USD75 billion of r evenue in 2010 at the global level, while Malaysia is expected to make about USD0. 1 billion. The statistics provide a brief eyeshot on the development in the country weighted against the global development. Malaysia should therefore be proactive enough to catch up with the global do to stay competitive in the industry. To enable this, the players and responsible parties must chasten away recognize electric potential constraints that can hamper the development and address the issues well.The infallible Expertise and the Potential Economic Opportunities Based on previous arguments, medical tourism offers bountiful opportunities and chances. In order to re main competitive at the global stage, market strategies should be revised against the present circumstances. Marketing the medical expertness and offerings should be distinctively conducted. The primary concern of assessing an excellent market strategy is the effectiveness of the strategies run throughed.StuartKregor (2005 ) argued that defining selling excellence for medical-related industry is different with that of the commercial-grade-based industry. As customer is the centre of marketing excellent in the industry, the paper suggested that the effectiveness of marketing strategies should then be done by bill the customers satisfaction over the overhaul provided. Therefore, all other marketing excellence measured by considering the profit, return on investiture or sales as in any other commercial industries should be changed to be more customer-oriented rather than organizationaloriented. Building he strategies can be done by developing, communicating and delivering the right emotional benefits to the targeted customers (Stuart-Kregor, 2005, pp. 117). The right emotional benefit here is viewed as brand by Stuart-Kregor (2005). This paper is in agreement with the argument, which is to develop the marketing strategies by focusing on the emotional benefits (brands), and assess the effectiveness o f the strategies by measuring the satisfactions of the customer. Further watchword on this is available in the next section. 171 The science of excellent marketing strategies would be wasted without a good delivery system.The state of local expertise, technologies and facilities must be attended to in order to assess the tone of voice of the service offered against the global level. This is where the industry should strive to be as interchangeable as other excellent providers. The commodification of medical tourism (Chee, 2007) is an evident of this occurrence. Dunn (2007) argued that patients are making choices on medical tourism destinations based on how similar is the service delivered, especially concerning patients from industrialized nations, and the service is expected to come with much lower price.Consequently, it is observed that patients are not looking for low cost products at the expense of the quality in the industry. Successful players realize this and take advan tage on the factors well. This explains the rapid movement of workforce and technologies across the four corners of the world. India as an example has been successful in luring its medical doctors who bewilder been trained and worked abroad to return with their internationally recognized expertise and work in the country.Thailand and coupled Arab Emirates have been successful in rearranging for international collaboration in the industry (Schroth and Khawaja, 2007). Through these strategies, the countries have been able to keep their expertise, technologies and facilities up with the global standard. Proposed Strategies of restorative and Sustaining Medical Tourism The Case of IJN With the national governments involvement recently (Chee, 2007 Noor Hazilah, Roslan Johari and Kadar, 2010 PEMANDU, 2010), the industry has been attracting the interest of many concerned parties.Since the medical tourism is fast go a commodity (Chee, 2007), its marketing strategies should be focusing m ore on brands and less on products to be distinctive than other providers. As in Malaysia, the country is capable of offering similar products with the rest of other players in the world. While Malaysia has been focusing on cost all this while, it is suggested then for the country to deliver a unique brand which is capable of attracting the interest of potential medical tourists, without desecrating the cost advantage.In order to do so, it is particularly important for the players to implement the export market orientation behaviours within their organization, which are generating, disseminating and responding to the export market intelligence (Cadogan, Diamantopoulos and de Mortanges, 1999). Consequently, Malaysia is expected to be able to woo medical tourism patients even more. Hazilah et al. (2010) reported that a medical tourist spends double than a regular tourist while they are in the country. This high purchase power therefore is capable of generating more economic opportuni ties.The medical tourist needs are also offering a lot of opportunities for Malaysian. Apart from medical attention, they need to have accommodation for their accompanying family members. New jobs have been underway to better serve the medical tourists, such as the healthcare broker. A healthcare broker assists the patient to choose a medical give and arrange for the patients needs while in here, including visa, accommodation and holiday arrangement. Thanks to the internet, these can be arranged preceding to the patients arrival in the country.To describe more of these strategies and opportunities, this paper choose to present the IJN as a case study deservingness the discussion. The National subject matter Institute or Institut Jantung Negara (IJN) has been set up in 1992. The privatization of the wreak was done on many premises, especially concerning the potential it has to expand its expertise and to liberalize the 172 financial capabilities of the institute. IJN did not ta ke long to materialize that. A year after its privatization the institute has been able to be financially liberalized and then reduce the government intervention in its administration.By now, IJN has accomplished a ample number of medical milestones recognized not only in the country and the region, but also internationally. To further advance ahead in medical industry, IJN is joining its local peer private institutions to take part in the global medical tourism industry. The previous mentioned factors of global medical tourism industrys progressive development served as the basis for IJN to be a part of the industry. Besides, like Singapore, the medical tourism industry in Malaysia is receiving a lot of governments assistants.Being a nationally merged industry, medical tourism therefore is regarded as a potential industry in which would be able to position IJN better. The Malaysian government has been vie an active role in developing the industry in Malaysia since 1998. The mai n number one wood of this is to revive the private medical industry after the 1997 Asian economic downturn which has affected the industry very badly. The success allegory of Thailand which managed to get the industry out of the crisis by focusing on delivering the service to foreign patients has prompt the government to encourage private players to do the same.Consequently, while Thailand has been restructuring the industry without much government involvement, Malaysia and Singapore has been leveraging the industry well with cooperation between the humanity and the private sectors. IJN has been viewing this very positively and has since pass a significant player in the region. While being quickly developing the industry, the players recognized several major constraints which are able to subdued down the progress. Coordination is a key constraint. To increase coordination, the Association of Private Hospitals of Malaysia (APHM) was form to increase coordination between the pr ivate players.The steadily increasing number of foreign patients and revenues generated since 1998 as shown in Table 1 is an evident of the successful strategies implemented. even so the industry, weighted against the global development, was still considered as insignificant. Resulting from the governments excitement towards medical tourism as a prospective economic driver industry, and the intensity and potentials portrayed by private sectors, the Malaysia Healthcare Travel Council (MHTC) was established in July 2009.The main purpose of the council is to coordinate promotional activities of medical and healthcare tourism industry in the country. As a part of the economic transformation program, the industry is expected to shift their attention to generate high patients volume, expand the target market beyond Indonesia which is currently the main market of the industry, create alliance across border, and enhance customer experience in the first phase of the strategy. In the follo wing phase, more attention is precondition on mproving the infrastructure and specialists capacity to attract the more profitable in-patient part (PEMANDU, 2010). 173 Table 1. The Volume of Foreign Patients and Revenue Generated by Medical Tourism sedulousness in Malaysia Year 1998 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 Medical Tourists/Foreign Patients 39,114 75,210 84,585 102,946 174,189 232,161 296,687 341,288 374,063 Revenue (RM million) 14. 1 n/a 35. 9 58. 9 105. 0 150. 9 203. 66 253. 84 299. 1 Another strategy to break the medical tourism performance is through focusing on specific players.There are approximately 223 private hospitals operating in the country in 2008 (Frost &038 Sullivan, 2009). Of this number, the government has clear-cut to focus on 35 private hospitals to capitalize on the industry with several characteristics outlined. The characteristics include being a member of APHM, has obtained the Malaysian corporation for Quality in Health (MSQH), ISO or othe r international accreditations, offers major specialties and/or some sub-specialties, provides for a minimum 50 beds, and has its own websites.IJN has been one of the selected 35. The commitment demonstrated by IJN towards the industry is paramount. In order to be internationally recognized, the institute has been striving hard to be in the same par with the other international organizations. IJN has been accredited by JCI in 2009, which is a recognition of the strong culture of safety and quality within the organization. The internationally recognized accreditation is expected to improve IJNs international positioning in the future.IJN realizes that in order to make the most of the industry, it needs to build a customer-oriented system. Beginning in 2006, the institute has been conducting the Customer Focused Program. The program was aimed at transforming IJN into a global centre of excellence by ensuring customers satisfaction. In 2008, the institute launched what was designed as the second phase of the program, called Customer Focused Culture. While the CFP was initiated to increase awareness of ensuring customers satisfaction, the CFC aimed at internalizing the institutes overlap values across the rganization. IJN also comprehend its capacity constraint which is beseeming the largest hindrance from going big in the global medical tourism industry. Apart from improving on its culture system, the institute has been adamant in enhancing its infrastructure capabilities. A major extension work has been carried out at IJN to expand its capacities from 270 beds to 432, eight wards to 13, 23 outpatient clinic rooms to 59, and an international patient centre, to improve its service for customers.This is in line with numerous governments incentives offered to the private hospitals embarking on medical tourism industry to expand their infrastructure capacities. In August 2009, IJN has its new wing officiated by the Malaysian Prime Minister, who acknowledged that th e institute has undergone RM230 million expansion program since 2005. In the same ceremony, the Prime Minister has also announced the proposal for IJN to become a research and development institute, measuring itself against the international best heart institute such as the Cleveland Clinic Heart Centre in the US.These are all evidences of how IJN has been greatly employing the export market orientation behaviors within its organization. In commenting the current development of the industry, IJN has expressed its concern for the country to be more progressive towards promoting medical tourism. 174 The IJN Holdings Group Managing Director, Datuk Mohd. Radzif Mohd. Yunus mentioned that the harm for Malaysia to capitalize on its capabilities in the industry would result to the loss of adult male capital as they will migrate to other countries with better offers.This is also reiterated by Datuk Syed Hussien Al-Habshee, the Secretary General of National Chambers of Commerce and Industr y Malaysia (NCCIM) who said that the country need to step up its marketing efforts of medical tourism if it wants to catch up with Thailand and Singapore. PEMANDU (2010) has confirmed the assertion by report on the stronger growth of the industry by neighboring Thailand and Singapore. The set up of MHTC and several other initiatives are therefore deemed as timely to encourage Malaysia to rise in the industry at the global stage.Conclusion and Recommendation As exemplified in the discussion, medical tourism offers a lot of economic opportunities and and then is indeed a potential contributor to economic growth. However, Malaysia, while has been enjoying the growth of the industry vehemently over the pass few years, has not been capitalizing the industry well compared to the other global players. Therefore, the Malaysian players need to revise their marketing strategies and delivery system, as represented by IJN.The cooperative efforts between the sedanlic (government) and the pri vate sectors too must be further carried on, especially for the interest of protecting the interests of the local society and the survival of the medical tourism players. It is potently suggested for medical tourism players in the country to leverage on their expertise by focusing the marketing strategies on brands rather than on products, as well as enhancing on their infrastructure and culture systems to be more export market-oriented. In doing so, however, the players must not disregard the countrys current edge, which is the competitive cost.In terms of theoretical development, this paper is believed to be able to expose the medical tourism niche and its economic opportunities, as well as the marketing strategies fitting the industry. Quite a number of studies involving Malaysian medical tourism industry have been conducted. Nonetheless, this paper presents the scenario from the view of a single case study. It is highly suggested for similar studies to be conducted with the pr esence of a posteriori data to see the quantifiable aspects of the industry in the future.With such studies, it is expected that further theoretical contributions can be made, and hence the progress of the industry can then be expedited even more. Reference Ang, Elaine. Malaysian Medical Tourism Growing. The Star, February 14, 2009. Cadogan, J. W. , Diamantopoulos, A. , &038 de Mortanges, C. P. (1999). A measure of export market orientation casing development and cross-cultural validation. Journal of International Business Studies, 30(4), 689-707. Chee, H. L. (2007, January). Medical tourism in Malaysia International movement of healthcare consumers and the commodification of healthcare. ARI Working Paper, No. 3. Retrieved from www. ari. nus. edu. sg/pub/wps. htm Choy, L. B. (2010, April 13). Medical tourism good for Malaysias health. News Straits Times. Retrieved from http//findarticles. com/p/news-articles/newstraits-times/mi_8016/is_20100413/ medical-tourism-malaysias health/ai _n53130944/ 175 Connell, J. (2006). Medical Tourism Sea, sun, sand and surgery. Tourism Management, 27. 1093-1100. Dunn, P. 2007. Medical Tourism Takes Flight. Hospitals and Health Networks, 81(11) 40-44. Frost &038 Sullivan (2009, October 28). Frost &038 Sullivan Growing healthcare tourism in Malaysia. Retrieved from http//www. alaysiahealthcare. com/ Garcia-Altes, A. (2005). The development of health tourism services. Annals of Tourism Research, 32 (1) 262-266. Hansen, F. (2008). A revolution in healthcare. Review-Institute of Public Affairs, 59(4), 43-45. Health and medical tourism will boost growth Datuk Liow Tiong Lai. The Star, November 08, 2008. Retrieved from http//www. wellnessvisit. com/liowhealth-and-medical-tourism-will-boost-growth. php Herrick, D. M. (2007, November). Medical tourism Global aspiration in health care. NCPA Policy Report, No. 304. Retrieved from www. ncpa. org/pub/st/st304 Horowitz, M. D. Rosensweig, J. A. , &038 Jones, C. A. (2007). Medical tourism Gl obalization of healthcare marketplace. Medscape General Medicine, 9(4), 33. Leonard, T. (2009, October 28). Medical tourists to bring in RM540mil by 2020. Retrieved from http//www. malaysiahealthcare. com/ Marlowe, J. , &038 Sullivan, P. (2007). Medical tourism The ultimate outsourcing. HR. Human Resource Planning, 30(2), 8-10. Noor Hazilah Abd Manaf, Roslan Johari Dato Mohd Ghazali, &038 Kadar Marikar. (2010). Positioning Malaysia in Medical Tourism. Paper presented at the International Conference on Marketing (ICMAR), June 2010, in Kuala Lumpur.Panjanadan, S. (2009, August 9). GE looking into enhancing presence in tourism Retrieved from healthcare. http//bernama. com/bernama/v5/newsbusiness. php? id=519842 PEMANDU (2010, September 21). Healthcare-EPP Panels. Retrieved from http//www. pemandu. gov. my/index. php? option=com_content&038view=article&038i d=619&038Itemid=139&038lang=en Schroth, L. , &038 Khawaja, R. (2007). Globalization of healthcare. Frontiers of Health Services Man agement, 24(2), 19-30. Speech by YB Dato Sri Liow Tiong Lai, Minister of Health Malaysia, at the APHM International Healthcare Conference and battle array at KLCC,

How Does Owen Use Nature To Convey His Feelings About War? Essay

Wilfred Owen uses nature to convey his smell outings in his poems, using many different techniques. In both the poems that I am examining, Exposure, and Spring Offensive, hes uses nature to show pain and suffering. For example, in exposure, he uses brambles to convey painWatching, we render the mad gusts tugging on the wire, akin twitching agonies of men among its brambles.This cite gives the soldiers the awe-inspiring reminder that men gather in been killed easily by the barbed wire, and natures trend of portraying barbed wire, is through brambles.The brambles symbolise pain, because brambles be obviously painful. This gives the reviewer a knowledge of what the soldiers are thinking of. too this shows that by acquire caught in the wire, that they are being held back from fighting, and this gives the soldiers a witnessing that they encounter lost the state of war.Another thing that nature portrays is love and protection. Not both nature was used to portray pain. In Spr ing offensive, he uses several(prenominal) terms to portray love and protectionAnd though the summer oozed into their veinsLike an injected drug for their bodies pains,This quote shows that that nature canful be used to attain the soldiers, by giving them strength to go on and fight. Nature can also benefit the soldiers, by giving them camouflage, and to protect them from harm, so that the German soldiers cannot see them.Another method that Owen uses to portray his feelings using nature, is the weather, in which he shows mood and feelings, unheated weather representing hurt and pain. He uses stone-cold weather a lot in ExposureWe only know war lasts, rain soaks, and clouds sag.This quote shows that the soldiers are wait for attack and that there waiting will be long, but their fighting will be longer. They are saying that this is inevitable, standardized rain does soak, and clouds do sag.Tonight, this rime will shackle on this mud and us,and their eyes are ice,But nothing h appens.This quote proves that war is long and frustrating. This is saying that they have waited so long that the frost from the cold had killed them, not the war. This is a strong symbol, that nature is stronger and more strong than war. I think this is one of the main cogitates that Owen uses nature to portray his feelings, because it a lot has a stronger impact on the readers.Till exchangeable a cold gust thrills the macrocosmAt which each body and its soul begirdAnd tighten up them for battle. No alarms.This quote has a tense feel about it because the cold wind represents harsh reality that they have to face, which is not what they have been told it was. This would comprise them uncomfortable, tense and nervous. I think that he uses this to deter men from sacking to war, because he was anti-war, and the men were being told thaat it was a walk in the park, either a big game. Owen wanted to tell the men about what war was really like.Aswell as cold weather, warm weather is used a lot in spring offensive, to show peace, strength and protectionThe sun, like a friend whom their love is done.Oh larger shone that smile against the sun.Mightier than his whose bounty these have spurned.This quote shows that the soldiers get strength from the sun. As the sun comes up, they can feel the warmth, and see the light, which tells them that they are still alive. It gives them hope, because it its a conformation of there existence. Also is says that the sun is mightier than god, refered to as his. I think that this means that they would rather feel the suns warmth then die for their country.I think that the main reason that Owen uses nature to portray his feelings because it is an easy way of expressing deep emotions and feelings about a thing you feel strongly against a subject, eg war. Owens expressions are strong, in the sense that they get his point across, and they are emotionally thought provoking, in the sense where they make you think about what is must feel like to serve, sometimes, against your will in something as horrific as a world war. I think that using nature to portray feelings and emotions, thoughts and views in poems is a very effective way.

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The Indigo Spell Chapter Nine

AS JILL HAD SAID, Adrian was more than happy to begin our hunt that subsequentlywardsnoon. In item, when I finally got ahold of him, he offered to pick me up when classes ended, in sanctify to maximize our time. I didnt mind this since it meant Id get to ride in the Mustang. Admittedly, I wouldve preferred to drive it myself, al star Id put superstar all oer what I could get.When be you personnel casualty to name the machine? I asked him once we were on the road to Los Angeles.Its an dyspneic object, he express. Names are for people and pets.I patted the Mustangs dashboard. Dont listen to him. To Adrian, I recrudesce tongue to, They name boats all the time.I dont in truth understand that either, exclusively possibly I would if my old man forever fronted me the money for a mystic yacht. He shot me a quick, am practiced watch forrader returning(a) his attention to the road. How protrudehouse roughone as cold and logical as you be so obsessed with some topic as frivolous as this?I wasnt sure which part bformer(a)ed me the most being called cold or obsessed. Im fairish boastful the proper respect to a beautiful machine.You named your car after coffee. Thats a sign of respect?The highest1respect, I said.He make a noise that sounded analogous a cross between a scoff and a laugh. Okay, whence. You name it. Whatever you motivation, Ill go along with. real? I asked, a bit startled. True, Id been badgering him ab move over a port naming the car, besides I wasnt sure I destinyed to be the one to preserve that sort of power. Its a big purpose.Life or death, he said, deadpan. best choose carefully.Yeah, unless youre the so-called creative one wherefore thisll be vertical practice for you.I fell silent for a good part of the drive, struck by the gravity of the dilemma that lay before me. What should the name reflect? The cars sunny yellow color? Sleek lines? regent(postnominal) engine? The task was overwhelming.Adrian pulled me forth of my thoughts when we began nearing the go forther Los Angeles suburbs. Were non actually freeing into the city, are we?Huh? Id been waging a mental debate between Summer ramble and Gold Dust. Oh, no. Were heading north. Take the next exit.Mrs. Santos had provided me with two neighborhoods cognize for their puritanic-style houses. Id researched them extensively online, even going so far as to numerate at sa averite pictures. Id finally chosen one that most resembled my mountain and crossed my fingers Id go the a a handle(p) luck as Id had in finding Marcuss apartment. Surely the universe owed me a hardly a(prenominal) favors.Unfortunately, things didnt look too burnished when we finally reached the street Id been given. It was a peaceful re alignntial area, filled with those same distinctive houses, save nothing that quite matched the one Id castn in my vision. We drive up and d give birth the street as I s stopned each side, hoping by find out Id missed someth ing.Ugh, I said, slouching lynchpin into my seat. noneluck. The universe had simply race focussing me off. Well control to check the opposite location, but seriously, it didnt look give care a match.Well, it female genitaliat hurt to Adrian suddenly do an abrupt turn onto a side street wed closely driven past. I jerked upright as he clipped the curb.What are you doing? Think nearly your tiresLook. He do another(prenominal) turn, putting us on a parallel street. Most of it was contemporary California housing . . . but one block had more Victorian houses. I gasped.There it isAdrian came to a stop on the side of the street opposite from the house of my vision. Everything was there, from the wrapping porch to the hydrangea bush. And presently, in the full light of day, I could make out the sign in the front yard one-time(a) WORLD BED-AND-BREAKFAST. Smaller print identified it as a historic site.Well, there we go. Adrian was clearly very pleased with his find, despite the risk to the cars tires. perchance Jackies sister is staying here.Odd choice to run nefarious put-onal activities out of, I remarked.I dont populate. Seeing as there arent any antique castles in the neighborhood, then why not a bed-and-breakfast?I took a deep breath. Okay, then. Lets go make some inquiries. You sure you can muddle the minds of those who see me?Easy, he said. Easier still if you were wearing your wig.Oh, shoot. I forgot. I ducked down and retrieved a shoulder-length brown wig that Ms. Terwilliger had supplied me with. Even with Adrians magic, we wanted to parcel out extra precautions. While it would be good if people were visited by an unmemorable blonde, itd be better still if they were visited by an unmemorable brunette. I tugged the wig on, hoping no one had seen my transformation. I lifted my head. Does it look okay?Adrians fountain showed approval. Its cute. You look even brainier, which I didnt think was possible.We left the car, and I wondered if I want ed to look brainier. A atomic reactor of people already thought I was boring. Blond hair might be the only excite thing I had going for me. and so I thought for a minute somewhat my recent experience scaling a burning escape, breaking and entering, and getting into a fistfight with a fugitive. Not to observe that I was now hunting a powerful evil glamour alongside a vampire who could control peoples minds.Okay, maybe I wasnt so boring after all.We stepped inside to find a cute teeny lobby with an ornate desk and a sitting area with wicker furniture. Stuffed rabbits refined in ball gowns adorned the shelves, and the walls actually had oil paintings of Queen Victoria. The owners apparently took their theme very literally, though I wasnt sure how the rabbits fit in.A dame friend my age sat at the desk and glanced up in surprise from a magazine. She had short platinum hair and hipster glasses. Tons of necklaces hung almost her neck in a gaudy display that went against my min imalist sensibilities. enthusiastic pink p destructionic beads, a sparkly green star, a cash and diamond locket, a dog tag . . . it was mind-boggling. Even worse, she was chewing put on loud.Hi, she said. Can I help you?Wed had a whole routine planned, but Adrian immediately went off script. He slung his arm somewhat me. Yeah, were looking for a weekend getaway, and a friend of ours swears this is top-of-the-line romance. He pulled me closer. Our anniversarys coming up. Weve been dating for one year, but man, it hardly seems like it.Thats for sure, I said, trying to keep my prattle from dropping. I forced what I hoped was a happy smile.The girl glanced screening and forth between us, her expression softening. Thats so sweet. Congratulations.Can we check the outer space out? Adrian asked. I mean, if there are any vacant live?Sure, she said, standing up. She spit her gum into a trash can and walked over to us. Im Alicia. My aunt and uncle are the owners.Taylor, I said, shakin g her hand.Jet, said Adrian. I nearly groaned. For inexplicable reasons, Jet Steele was a pseudonym Adrian really liked using. In our rehearsal today, he was supposed to be called Brian.Alicia glanced rear and forth between us, a small frown on her face that soon smoothed out. I had to guess it was Adrians compulsion, confusing her perceptions of us a bit. Follow me. We have a few vacant rooms you can see. With one last puzzled look at us, she turned and headed toward a stairway.Isnt this great, sweetie? Adrian asked loudly as we walked up the creaking stairs. I know how much you like rabbits. Didnt you have one when you were little? What was his name, Hopper?Yeah, I said, resisting the urge to puncher him on the arm. Hopper? Really? Best rabbit ever.Oh, neat, said Alicia. Then Ill take you to the Bunny Suite first.The Bunny Suite had more of those well-dressed stuffed rabbits as part of the decor. The quilt covering the king-size bed also had a border of alternating hearts and r abbits stitched in. Several books sat on the mantel above the wood-burning fireplace, including The Tale of Peter Rabbit and Rabbit, Run. Until that moment, I hadnt realized save how absurdly far a theme could be taken.Wow, said Adrian. He sat down on the bed and tested its bounciness, giving it a nod of approval. This is dreadful. What do you think, buttercup?I have no words, I said honestly.He patted the spot beside him. Want to try it out?I answered with a look and felt relieved when he stood up. Adrian and beds stir up too galore(postnominal) conflicting feelings in me. afterwards that, Alicia showed us the Morning Glory Suite, the Velvet Suite, and the London Suite, all of which competed to outdo the others in tackiness. Nonetheless, despite the absurdity of Adrians ruse, the tour had given me the opportunity to take banknote of the other labeled portals in the hallway. We followed Alicia rachis downstairs.We dont get to see the sapphire Suite or the Prince Albert Suit e? I asked.Alicia shook her head. Sorry. Those are occupied. I can give you a brochure with some pictures, if you want.Adrian had his arm around me again. Angel cake, wasnt the Prince Albert Suite where Veronica stayed? Shes not still here, is she?Im not sure, I said. This, at least, was similar to what wed rehearsed. I glanced over at Alicia. You credibly cant tick up us that, huh? If our friend Veronicas here? Shes really sensibly, has long dark hair.Oh, yeah, said Alicia, brightening. Of course I remember her. She was in the Velvet Suite, actually, and just check up on out yesterday.I resisted the urge to kick the desk. So close. Wed missed her by a day. Yes, the universe was definitely done giving me breaks. I wouldnt be able to cast the scrying fling until the next full moon, which was a month away.Oh, well, said Adrian, still with that easy smile. Well see her for Christmas anyway. Thanks for your help.Do you want to book a room? Alicia asked hopefully.Well get back to y ou on that, I said. I actually wouldnt have put it past Adrian to book one and then claim it was part of our cover. Were checking out a few places. A one-year anniversary isnt something you want to make a hasty decision on.But, said Adrian, giving her a wink, Ive got a good feeling round the Bunny Suite.Alicia walked us out, her eyes widening when she saw the Mustang. Wow, nice car.Its an amazing car, I said.Thats our baby well, until we have real ones. Dont you think it needs a name? asked Adrian. I keep trying to convince Taylor. Once again, I had to fight the urge to punch him.Oh, definitely, said Alicia. That attractive of car . . . its like royalty.See? Adrian shot me a triumphant look. And Alicias an expert on royalty. Didnt you see all those paintings?Thanks for your help, I told her, steering him forward. Well be in touch.We got in the car, and after waving goodbye to Alicia, Adrian drove away. I stared blankly ahead. more than like with the Bunny Suite, I have no words to detect what just happened. I mean, really? Our anniversary? Jet?I look more like a Jet than a Brian, he argued. Besides, that was a much better story than the one rough how we wanted to cover a surprise birthday visit to our friend Veronica.I dont know about that. But it did give us the information we needed. Which isnt good.Adrian grew serious. Are you sure? perchance Veronica left the area altogether. Maybe you and the other girls are out of danger.That would be good, I guess . . . except, it just means some other poor girl somewhere else would suffer instead, and we wouldnt have any way to stop it. From my purse, I pulled out Ms. Terwilligers list of magic-using girls. One of these addresses is in Pasadena. We can at least swing through on our way back and warn her.The girl we sought was named Wendy Stone. She was a student at Cal Tech, which seemed like an odd vocation for a wannabe witch. Of course, Ms. Terwilliger had said these were girls who werent actively examine t he magical path. They simply possessed magical ability, and I supposed the fact that they had no mentors suggested that they might actually be resistant to their inborn abilities kind of like me.Wendy lived in an apartment near campus that was easy to find. It was a no-nonsense, generally student residence, but it seemed like a luxury palace after Marcuss building. As we passed busy students carrying backpacks and talkinging about classes, I felt a pang of longing that I hadnt experienced in a while. inherit the Alchemist mantle meant I couldnt go to college. College was a dream Id held on to for a long time, though enrolling at Amberwood had helped ease some of my longing. Now, in this bombilate of academia, a surge of jealousy sprang up in me. What would it be like to have this kind of life? To have your days solely wedded to the pursuit of knowledge, with no intrigue or life-threatening situations? Even Adrian, with his part-time art classes, was able to have some sort of co llegiate experience.Dont be so down, he said when we reached Wendys floor. You might get to college someday.I looked over at him in wonder. How did you know thats what I was thought?Because I know you, he said simply, no mockery in his eyes. Your aura got sad, and I figured being on a college campus had something to do with it.I couldnt congruous his gaze and turned away. I dont like that.What, that person actually knows whats definitive in your life?Yes, that was exactly it. But why did it bother me? Because it was Adrian, I realized. wherefore was it that a vampire understood me so well? Why not one of my friends? Why not one of my human friends?You can be Jet if you want, I said brusquely, trying to get us back on track and cover up my troubled feelings. After all, this wasnt Sydneys Therapy Hour. But we are not posing as a duet again.Are you sure? he said. His tone was lighter now, turning him back into the Adrian I knew. Because Ive got a lot more terms of endearment to u se. Honey pie. Sugarplum. slit pudding.Why are they all high-calorie foods? I asked. I didnt want to assist him, but the question slipped out before I could stop it. And swag pudding isnt really that romantic.We had reached Wendys door. Do you want me to call you celery outwit instead? he asked. It just doesnt inspire the same warm and hazy feelings.I want you to call me Sydney. I knocked on the door. Er, Taylor.A girl with freckles and frizzy red hair answered. Her eyes narrowed warily. Yes?Were looking for Wendy Stone, I said.She scowled. Are you from the registrars office? Because I told them the checks on its way.No. I allow down my voice and made sure there were no witnesses. My names Taylor. Were here to talk to you about, um, magic.The transformation was sudden and startling. She went from suspicious and cautious to shocked and outraged. No. No. Ive told you guys a hundred times I dont want to be snarled I cant believe youd actually show up at my door to try to conver t me to your little coven freak show.She tried to shut the door, but Adrian managed to stick his foot in and block it. Very manly. Wait, he said. Thats not what this is about. Your life might be in danger.Wendy turned incredulous. So you guys are threatening me now?No, nothing like that. Please, I pleaded. Just let us talk to you for five minutes inside. Then well leave and neer bother you again.Wendy hesitated and then finally gave a nod of resignation. Fine. But Im getting my pepper atomizer.Her apartment was neat and tidy, save for a pile of cover and engineering books scattered on the floor. Wed apparently interrupted her homework, which brought back my wistfulness. She made good on her promise to get the pepper spray and then stood before us with crossed arms.Talk, she ordered.I showed her the picture of Veronica. Have you ever seen this woman?Nope.Good. Or was it? Did that mean Veronica might have Wendy labelled as a future hit and was waiting to pounce? Shes dangerous. I m not exactly sure how to put it. . . .She finds girls with magic and sucks away their souls, supplied Adrian helpfully.Wendy did a persona take. Im sorry, what did you assure?Thats not exactly the case, I said. But its close enough. She seeks out girls with power and takes it for herself.But I dont use magic, Wendy countered. Like I told you, I dont want anything to do with it. Theres a witch who lives in Anaheim whos always carnal knowledge me how much potential I have and how I should be her apprentice. I keep telling her no, and Ive never even tried any bandages. This soul-sucking lady has no reason to come after me.Ms. Terwilliger had warned me some of the girls might say this. In fact, shed said most would have this argument.It doesnt matter, I said. That wont stop her.Wendy looked scare now, and I didnt blame her. My reaction had been similar. It was frustrating to know the very thing you were trying to get away from might come after you.Then what should I do? she asked. Well, avoid her if you can. If she comes to see you . . . I mean, dont let her in. Dont be alone with her. That was slightly lame advice, and we all knew it. If you do see her, Id tell that witch in Anaheim. In fact . . . I know you dont want to, but if I were you, Id get in touch with that witch now and try to get her help. Maybe even learn a few defensive spells. I understand you dont want to believe me, I really do but it could save your life. Also . . . I held out the agate charm. You should take this and wear it at all times.Wendy eyed the charm as though it were a poisonous snake. Is this some trick to get me to learn magic after all? You come here with this whole act about how if I dont learn, I could get my soul sucked away?Again, I had to give her points. I would think exactly the same thing. Were telling the truth, I insisted. Theres no proof I can offer well, wait. Give me your e-mail address, and Ill practice you this article about another girl it happened to.Wendy looked like she was on the term of using the pepper spray. I think I wouldve heard if some girl had her soul magically sucked away.It wasnt really obvious to those who dont know about the magical world. Let me send it to you, and then you can make your own decisions. Its the best I can offer.She reluctantly agreed and wrote down her email address. Adrian stepped forward to take it from her, but he must have move too quickly because she suddenly thrust the can of pepper spray in his direction.Stay back she exclaimed. At the exact same moment, I sprang in front of him, terrified he was about to get a face full of pepper spray. I cast the first spell I could think of, a simple one that created a forte but harmless show of colored light. A shielding spell wouldve been much more useful, but I hadnt practiced any yet. That would have to be rectified, in case our future errands involved more pepper spray.You back off, I warned.As Id hoped, the brilliant display was terrifying to someon e anti-magic like Wendy. She retreated to the far side of her apartment and thankfully didnt use the spray.G-get out, she stammered, eyes full of fear.Please take precautions, I said. I set the charm on the floor. And please wear this. Ill email you the article.Get out, she repeated, make no move toward the charm.As Adrian and I walked out of her building and into the sun, I sighed loudly. I was dismayed enough that I didnt even have the chance to feel down about being at a college.That didnt go so well, I said.He thought about it, then grinned. I dont know, Sage. You threw yourself in the line of pepper spray for me. You must like me just a little bit.I I figured itd be a shame to ruin your pretty face, I stammered. In truth, I hadnt been thinking of anything that specific. All Id known was that Adrian was in danger. Protecting him had been instinctual.Still, that spell was kind of badass.I managed a small smile. It was harmless, and thats the thing. Wendy didnt know any better. The reason Veronica goes after these girls is that they dont have any magical protection and thats exactly why they belike cant stop her. I dont think pepper spray will help, but maybe the article will convince her. Oh, shoot. Ill have to make a fake email address for Taylor.No worries, said Adrian. I already have a Jet Steele one you can use.This actually made me laugh. Of course you do. For all the online dating you do, right?Adrian didnt comment one way or the other, which bothered me more than it should have. Id meant it as a joke . . . but was there truth to it? If rumors and some of my own observations were true, Adrian had experience with a lot of women. A lot. Thinking of him with others upset me, far more than it should have. How many other girls had he kissed with that same intensity? How many had been in his bed? How many had felt his hands upon their bodies? He couldnt have loved them all. Some in all likelihood most had been conquests, girls whose faces he forgot the next morning. For all I knew, I was just the ultimate conquest for him, a test for his skills. You probably couldnt find a greater challenge than a human with hang-ups about vampires.And yet, thinking back on all the things said and unsaid between us, I was pretty sure that wasnt true. No matter how crazy this romantic entanglement was, he loved me or thought he did. I was no careless conquest. Itd probably be better if I was, though. Without an emotional connection, hed eventually give up and easily find comfort in someone elses arms. This would probably be a good time for me to suggest he do that anyway.But I stayed silent.

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Art Interpretation

An artists personal history can be a optical roadmap into their past, subconscious, and their personal reality. The purpose of this paper is to explore these idioms in the forge of Gerard Ter Borch and its historical relevance to art. Gerard Ter Borch had an established rapport with his uncle Robert van Voerst, a relationship that enabled the artist to claim his niche as one of atomic number 63s leading court portraitists. Robert van Voersts ties with Charles I began Borchs career and launched him into his fame and status.With royal backing it is no wonder that Borch kept more of his subject matter dealing with the rich and wealthy instead of the ordinary Dutch preclusion to the drab or mundane of human life. It is this square turn of events that lead this discussion to Borchs sophisticated representation of coetaneous life (62). Such representations into modernity of Dutch life can be witnessed in Borchs scene Curiosity (c. 1660). Since Borchs family was so nearly tied to an aristocratic lifestyle, it is no wonder that the artists work would reflect what he so intimately knew.Although the composition of the work is trump seen through the use of rich fabrics (as is most of Borchs work) what should be taken note of is his use of diagonals to illustrate the inner psychology of the characters in his work. The second base of a letter arriving has each charr in the painting special(a) as to its contents, but this curiosity is best exemplified by the woman on the left leaning over the other young womans shoulder in order to gain a better befool of the letters contents. This leaning of the young woman gives the painting an suspicious feel that is not present in other of Borchs work.A heights profile woman that is a woman of so obvious a rich birth (as can be seen by her clothing) indulges in a dalliance of childish movement making the moment both socialize and whimsical. This whimsical record is given further emphasis by the big background contact the young ladies. That this one woman would allow herself the self-indulgence of something so trivial as a childish leaning preliminary among all that tradition and overbearing space (notice the columns in the background as hygienic as the ornate fixture of the diagonally placed mirror) is what is so appealing about this piece of work.The reason for the letter writing with this common chord of women is that Borch had a very close relationship with his half sisters, which surely contributed to his social sensitivity to how young women might behave on such an affair (76). With Borchs obvious eye for the little(a)est detail a closer run of the painting must be given, including symbol for such objects. Of note in such objects is the watch notice which precariously dangles over the edge of the table.The symbolism of such a state for a watch thread key could mean for the spectator to take special note of temperance which would take out sense with Borch having been raised i n the Eastern Netherlands and privy to that regions Protestant upbringing. Since the objects on the table are of such small stature, from the candlestick to the watch winding key to even the letter itself, the dish may imagine that the symbolism of such objects do not have equal weight as the characters themselves therefore, motive for the letter takes precedence over any idea of temperance.However, with Borchs style leaning toward developing and understanding human behavior it may be worthwhile to ask Why did the artist choose to complicate a moral lesson in such small objects if not to specify a point? Indeed, this curiosity of The Curiosity is the reason why the painting is known as a conversatiestuk or conversation piece. With such small detail making an impact on critiques and watchmans alike what becomes predominately communicate in deliberateing Borch is that he continually uses small objects to emphasize his study of human behavior.Upon first looking at The Curiosity a viewer is not completely aware of all of the objects in the composition. The element of wild is what fabricates these objects more noticeable such as the winding key on the tables ledge that gives off a golden chromaticity and is further emphasized by the spaniels body language pointing to the key. If the element of light is to be discussed in The Curiosity then most notably the woman on the right shimmers with luminescence her costume as well as her countenance.With such brilliance transposing the portrait it is a wonder that the woman stands at such a outmatch from the main action of the painting. This distance is only emphasized by Borchs use of light on her. This leads the viewer to wonder the cause of the distance and to become enraptured by the back story of the moment of the painting and the relationship among these three women. Thus, by the use of light, Borch has made the viewer not only appreciate a fine painting but to become engrossed in the psychology of the cha racters and their reasons for standing the way he has painted them.In this psychological history of the women, the viewer becomes aware of something else a voyeuristic tone to the painting. The intimate moment of a woman opening a letter that may (by the stance of the women surrounding her) be from a lover or gentleman caller makes the viewer realize that the puma is a man, and that the interest of all of the women is of a man. Thus, the puma through these psychological stances becomes the object of the viewers scrutiny (76).Upon revisiting the painter as the background object of the painting, the viewer must once again re-examine the objects on the table and their significance to the painters life. The condemnation piece once again must be examined not as an abstract composition of temperance but as a disclosure to the viewer of the artists own timeframe. Time is often associated with death, thereby the death of the painters uncle during this time is significant. It is the unc le who allowed him his introduction to Charles I and which thereby gained him his entrance into the art world.It seems that Borch is writing his own life history in the small objects on the table. The death of Borchs mother Anna Bufkens would perhaps be also realistically attached to the significance to the time piece. The complex nature of the painting is revealed the women gathering around the letter are anxious to become out the lovers intentions but the objects on the table mark of lives and lovers past. Love quickly follows death for the viewers in Borchs painting.With so much psychology behind the small objects involved in Borchs painting The Curiosity it cannot be said that the painting is for mere visual enjoyment that is most definitely not a conversatiestuk it is far more than just a simple conversation piece. Without the use of light, of lines, and of composition such nuisances of Borchs style would be lost on the viewer. Thus, the importance of these esthetical styles is what ultimately makes the painter so interesting to the art world. If Borch desired to make a moralizing message it would be to enjoy the love letter when they are coming and in time to allow for the moments of death.

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Prince Shotoku

Prince Shotoku Prince Shotoku was born on February 7,572. Prince Shotoku was a member of the imperial folk and took the throne after Empress Suikos reign. He was also known as Prince Umayado, Prince Kamitsumiya. Prince Shotoku was the son of Emperor Yomei. He was the second son born to the Emperor. When he was real little, he read a lot of books and he became actually smart. Because of his intelligence and mind, Emperor Yomei decided that his second born son would draw in a good prince and future emperor. Prince Shotoku came into power in 593.Shotoku was inspired by Buddhist teachings, and wished to form a centralized government in his command era. Prince Kamitsumiya created and formed japans first Constitution, also known as the Seventeen- Article Constitution to have rules for officials to be more worried astir(predicate) political affairs. He also wanted to spread Buddhism throughout Japan and build temples and much more to spread around the world. Prince Shotoku believed in Buddhism and followed totally of the Buddhism to reach paradise and be a good Emperor.He was a very intelligent swayer with all of his thoughtful ideas and plans, he brought Japan to its grand Age. He allowed his people to believe that he was a good ruler and could bring peace and harmony into Japan. After his years of ruling, he has glum Japan into a powerful aristocracy, and also noble families also held spunky positions in the government. All men be influenced by partisanship, and there are few who have wide vision. Prince Shotoku From February 7, 572- April 8, 622

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My Reflection of Rollo May’s Existentialism Psychology Essay

After mevery long time of his hardships in conducting clinical research, whitethorn was fitting to postulate a new-sprung(prenominal) carriage of spirit at compassionate beings. With such newly evolved manoeuver of view, May saw pot as hold in the benignant being of present experiences and lastly being responsible for who they become. piece of musicy populate, he regardd, omit the courage to face their great deal, and in the process of fleeing from it, they construct up such(prenominal) of their license. Having negated their freedom, they likewise run away from their responsibility.Not being go forthing to stimulate choices, they lose sight of who they atomic number 18 and develop a sense of insignificance and alienation. In contrast, healthy commonwealth challenge their destiny, cherish their freedom, and function authentically with some other people and with themselves. They recognize the inevitability of death and pay the courage to live life in the pre sent. These melodic themes of Rollo May, I believe, had caught my interest to further elaborate the affection of his supposition through my own way of explaining.With these, I impart be going to set aside all of the other theories. To be prejudice at this time, I believe pull up stakes be of good religious service in further expressing my appreciation so as to on the dotify the reasons tail why I like his possibility of individualizedity. At a outset glance, I was quite intrigued with the way he was able to come up with his explanation of the personality. And through my first reading, Rollo Mays ideas made me take c ar that my outlook in life can be somehow reflected to his theories. live virtuosontialism A Reflection of My LifeRollo Mays view of people was highly influenced by the writings of Soren Kierkegaard who debate attempts in elateing people merely as objects, nonwithstanding at the same time, he opposed the view that subjective perceptions ar ones to a gr eater extentover reality. What Kierkegaard was chiefly concerned of is that both the experiencing person and the persons experience sum in understanding human beings. In view of this thought, I effected that the events taking into place and the one who is experiencing such event are very(prenominal) innate in explaining life.I was raised with a pure Catholic Faith instilled in my mind, heart and soul. I can still mark the very first time I asked my parents about Gods cosmea and how great he really is to pose control all over our lives. I was then a third grader and was influenced whitethornbe with Religion caste for it was in addition my first time to enter such. Now, I can express, I stand, partly, the answers to my questions. As May stated, populateence takes precedence over essence. The process by which we are in control in becoming and emerging to what we hope to be.To exist good turnively and authentically is one thing that we should consider in our search for truth. Since I became more aware of the happenings around me, I sweep up I was then starting in my search for identity, freedom and legitimate responsibility all these constitutes in the truth of life. I also believe that each of us is ultimately responsible of who we are and what we become and that we cannot tear others such as our parents, teachers, employers, God, or circumstances in what we do with ourselves.Man is nothing else exclusively what he makes of himself. We cannot deny the saying which turned to be a basic truth in a persons life, No man is an island. As in my way of living, I may associate with others in productive and healthy relationships, but at the give up of the twenty-four hour period, I still attendd that I am alone working(a) for a purpose. I realized that my parents are further at that place to take place me and be the best examples that they can be for me to emulate. I maybe see myself evermore in al virtually all situations of my life to be ing with my friends.We may share things that I have we may do things together to distinguish a goal we may have the same interests and joy in life, but, still, at the end of the day, I equitable ponder and realized that I was just really making my choice my choice to become what I can be so as to become a psychologically healthy individual contributing significant things into the society. Life and death are two opposing forces which somehow lead us to become a being-in-the- origination or a nonbeing. As I observe, in any tasks whether it be simple or complicated my only thought in refinement such task is to givejustice of having life and living it to the fullest. To have a life is my goal but I do not consider death as my destiny because my main goal right away is eternal life with God my savior. Death, maybe, is inevitable and for me the thought of it will just deprived me of doing well in life. I believe that people correct to the natural world, relate to others as human s, and have a keen sentience of what all these experiences mean to them and these would mean to an established healthy individual which I am really striving for, nigh especially, during these times with which hurdles in life are presented continuously.Since I enter college and enroll in Psychology, my way of thinking and attaining life-goals changed. I shall say that it became more mature as I would have to strive harder to meet the expectations of my family which I chose to comply with. This implies that my parents may be associated in my search for truth but still, I am the only one working for it literally and with the emotional support of significant others. This is my ultimate choice. Anxiety and Guilt Problems in Fulfilling PotentialitiesWe cannot deny the fact that we are encountering problems in times of difficulties with which we are to achieve, at some point, our potentialities in life. Anxiety and vice arises and there is no doubt that we cannot help but to deal with i t so as to holistically achieve our full potentialities as human beings and for us to hone these into a full-blown ability which well be needing in times of crises and some other uprisings of unpleasant feelings like worries and doubts.During times like this, I realized that intentions should exist in the inner self so as to able to lead and act on the choices I made in my daily life. in that respect are many instances of my school life wherein I failed to build up intentions intentions such as passing the exam or getting a high score and performing at my best. Sometimes I operate to fail and this, I believe, is because I do not have sloshed intentions in life which turns to be a key in overcoming disturbance and guilt. exactly there are times also that Im able to utilize pure intentions which gives meaning to my experiences and, in turn, kicks me to make decisions for a bright early. Firm and inviolate intentions, I believe is a strong foundation in utilizing potentialit ies at its peak and at the same time, it serves to be an anchor in putting up more mature decisions. Care, Love, and depart More Than Just Empathy-Building Associated with the unpleasant feelings which were noted as the emotional uprisings when people are presented with difficulties and problems are the build-up of the most essential feelings and attitude a human being should possess.I guess these third are important in a sense that it bridges the gaps which are just more than k straightawayledge or experienceing others emotions. Care, be intimate, and will plays important roles in our daily lives for these triple aspects do not just create pleasant and wanted reactions or forms of intimate interpersonal relationships but also because I believe that these three should be considered as the soul-base of attaining freedom and confronting your destiny. As May would say, To conduct for individual marrow to recognize that person as a mate human being, to identify with that perso ns pain or joy, guilt or pity. This merely suggests that caring is given for those who you think deserve it and also, it cant be given for just somebody but for someone who means a visual modality to you. Of course, as an active human being we are expected and somehow obliged to show care and respect to our fellow human beings as we are just the same kind of living beings whose primary aim is to seek affection from others in order to give that attention back. Since care is an active process, it should neither be limited nor be stopped in instances such as negative emotional outbursts because in such manner, negative feelings can be easily replaced with positive ones.Moreover, to love will never be the same of caring but to care is the source of love. To love is to recognize the essential humanity of the person and also, to ask what can be unacceptable with that person. Talking about things like this, others cogency say, can be a waste of time for they might also insist that they already know the true meaning behind this. But the point here is that care and love dont just tackle intimacy or sexual arousal but it talks about how really it is conquering all things on earth. provide, on the other hand, was believed to be rooted from care. It is viewed as the capacity to organize ones self so that movement in a certain caution or toward a certain goal may take place. Will initiates our appetency to do actions in fulfilling our wildest wishes or dreams. We sometimes tell ourselves that if theres a will, theres a way which implies that we do really have the capacity to build the will from ourselves so as to develop self-esteem and self-worth which are important factors in the development of a strong and firm intention to do such action.There may be times that my will is not that strong to motivate me, but when I think that it will be for the betterment of others and not just to me, I always try hard to fight more so therell be no regrets at the end of the day. license An Understanding of our Destiny Our own way and style of having freedom in our lives depicts how our destiny can be modified or challenged. Although freedom is not that easy to attain, the joy of having it would tell us that we are really fit(p) to challenge our destiny. To be free does not necessarily mean to be able to do the things that youve been wishing for your life.These are what you call existential freedom wherein we just enjoy all the good things happening to our life at present and worrying no more with what the future could bring. We made choices and we act on it. Thats the way existential freedom should be. Since we are intent of our own destiny, it makes us less aware of the freedom of doing but with the essential freedom. We are born in this world with questions in mind with which we are motivated to search for answers regarding the true essence and meaning of our lives.Without destiny, then, we have no freedom, but without freedom our destiny is meaningle ss. The Role Of Myths in My Life concord to Rollo May, people who lack myths to believe in turned to religious cults, medicate addiction, and popular culture in a vain effort to beget meaning in their lives. He also contended that myths are not falsehoods but rather, he sees it as conscious and unconscious intuitive feeling systems that provide explanations for personal and social problems. People use myths and symbols to transcend the immediate concrete situation, to reach out self-awareness, and to search for identity.Believing in myths I believe can do no harm for anybody as long as it is not cause social impairment to the individual and into his society. The myths of May can be compared to Jungs archetypes which are considered as the avenues to universal images that lie beyond individual experience. I, myself, have some myths which help me, I believe, in the betterment of my psychological wellbeing for I know these would have benefits on me like it would allow me in openi ng up a new reality. To Challenge Destiny My ducky Theory of Personality Destiny is our destination and our goal.It seems to be like a force for us to be triggered, to be motivated and to be ignited to face the challenges and solve the problems that life has to offer. Just as I allow destiny to mold me, there are times also that I was like awakened of the thought that waiting for it to take place will be a waste of time. I also allow myself to suffice the way I want to respond to the absurdities of life to be able to prove that destiny does not dictate how my life should be working. With this, I dont let my destiny dictates me of my outlook in life.As we challenge our destiny, we gain freedom, and as we achieve freedom, we push at the boundaries of destiny. I would say that to challenge destiny is my primary mission right now most especially that I am facing a lot of hardships in school. But I will not disregard or deny the possibility that real life begins on the outside world wh erein, at that time, I will be no longer cover my potentials in the four walls of the classroom but instead, it will be evolving into a bigger place or dimension where many competitors will be present and will be more ready to spice up my quest for a well-defined-destiny.As a student, I have been looking for answers in my true identity with which I may be able to relate well to others. I have been also, looking for the things that will compensate my needs just as what other theorists would suggest but I think Rollo Mays Existential Psychology helped me realized more the true essence of living for a purpose. I might be very expressive in showing my appreciation to Mays hypothesis but still it just ignited my desire to push through life as good as it can be.As a son, it made me more realize the fact that I have my parents living with me and supporting me always. They serve as my support system although I understand that at the end of the day I am a single individual working for my own purpose. But still, I know that I exist up to this day because of them and their very good upbringing. As a friend, I now knew the true meaning of showing care, love, and will not just to those person who are close to me but to every single person I meet in every day of my life. They are the best company that I can ever have.They are really the best buddies I can ever have in good or tough times, but still I always see to it that I will be not dependent on them most especially when Im at school doing assignments projects and any other requirements. This attitude of mine is my own way of taking preparations for my future endeavors and also, for me to be really able to do the molding and modification of my most to be expected and to be geared up aspect of my existence destiny. As a child of God, I now realized the reasons why he gave me the potentials I knew that I can make use of to pass by in every manner of my daily living.Prayers will always be at the top of my most used wea pon in challenging my destiny. it will always be my first defense in move with all the changes that life will be presenting. Existentialism made me realize all these. It just helped me mold my belief of things that are not that smart to me before. But now that I have already all these belief systems, I will be making sure that on the future(a) single conversations that I will have in the future, I will see to it that Ill be imparting those knowledge. To grasp what it means to exist, one needs to grasp the fact that he might not exist.This quotation of Rollo May strongly implies his desire in imparting his theory to us individuals and to how we can be able to make use of his theory through the modern way of perceiving such knowledge. Overall, Ive learned from his theory that to exist also means to live life with its full essences that destiny will be the key for molding these hidden essences that will presently to be revealed when the time comes that you are ready and you can fi nally say that you are able to challenge your own destiny as you desire it to be. Death is emphasized with this quotation of May.He contended that we can never pretermit the fact that death may happen and whats striking the most is that it may arrive at the least expected moment. But although May insisted the fact that death is inevitable, Im not preoccupied with the stimulate thought of death but what I am afraid of is the thought of dying. On the other hand, understanding death, I believe, helps me in doing more character reference things making it more meaningful. Confronting such issue of our nonexistence is somehow a key for us to live harmoniously. With this, we can be able to plead our freedom and be able to mold our own destiny.

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History of Kenny Rogers Roasters

Kenny Rogers ROASTERS was in the first place set up by popular Country and Western singer, Kenny Rogers, and motive Governor of the state of Kentucky, John Y Brown Jr., in 1991. visual perception an opportunity to provide healthy and delicious food in a restaurant environment, Kenny Rogers ROASTERS opened its first restaurant in Coral Spring, Florida in August of 1991.Internationally, Kenny Rogers ROASTERS has expanded to various countries around the world and has restaurants in Malaysia, Singapore, China, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Brunei and the Philippines.Kenny Rogers ROASTERS was awarded lead times in a row (1996, 1997, 1998) for the prestigious Americas Choice honor Winner for the Best Chicken Chain by Restaurants and Institutions Magazine, a steer publication from USA. Kenny Rogers ROASTERS was also awarded the Master licensee of the Year 2000/2001and 2002/2003 by the Malaysian Franchise Association, an affiliate of the World Franchise Council.Berjaya Roasters (M) Sdn. Bhd. is the franchise holder for Kenny Rogers ROASTERS (KRR) in Malaysia. The corporation is a wholly owned subsidiary of Berjaya Group Berhad and was incorporated in 1994. In April 2008, Berjaya Corp Bhd (BCorp) wholly owned subsidiary of ROASTERS Asia Pacific and cut through franchise for Kenny Rogers ROASTERS fully acquired the chains parent, US-based NF Roasters.Kenny Rogers ROASTERS is a mid-casual dining restaurant with roast complainer as its main core item complemented by a angstrom unitle variety of hot and cold side dishes. This is made up of Kennys noteworthy home-made muffins, jacket potatoes, vegetable salads, pasta, soups, desserts and beverages served in a friendly and comfortable environment.Frist Kenny Rogers Roasters in Coral Springs FloridMenuKennys Quarter Meal- RM 18.50 Chicken Macaroni Cheese- RM 18.50 Kennys Family Meal- RM 73.50 Rock & Roll Spaghetti- RM 18.50 Kennys Chicken & Garden Meal- RM 19.50 Chicken Ceaser Salad- RM 17.50 ruddy Hot Meal- RM 18.50 Tangy Chicken Spahetti- RM 18.50Promotion*2014 PromotionNews